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Guild Webinar: Business Practices Archive

Picture of Jessica Hische in front of book shelves.

Join us for an informal chat with Jessica Hische. Jessica is a lettering artist and New York Times Best-selling children's book author/illustrator based in Oakland, California. She specializes in typo

Headshot of Justine Clay

Are you a creative professional or entrepreneur who also has ADHD? Whether you have a diagnosis or suspect you have ADHD, you’re probably very aware that you think differently. As a creative profes

Join us for a webinar on mastering LinkedIn for artists. We'll cover profile essentials, effective content consumption, and leveraging data for targeted connections. Learn from our experiences and gai

Andrea Brody headshot

Is your graphic design career hard on your body? You love the satisfaction you get from using your talents at work but you don’t love the back pain from sitting at a desk all day or the neck and sho

headshot of webinar presenter Rebecca Blake

Learn about the basics of copyright – what your rights are, and how you can protect your work by leveraging your copyrights. We’ll also cover the implications of generative AI in copyright: how yo

Misty Leinberger Headshot

Unlock financial success in self-employment with Misty Leinberger! Delve into crucial topics: separate bank accounts, essential professionals for your team, tracking key numbers, deductibles, understa

The journey to getting published requires an effective strategy, and a little knowledge about the field could increase your chances of success. Chris will cover important things to do when submitting

Linda Secondari, headshot

Linda will equip you with the knowledge and tools to craft a powerful Creative Brief Have you ever struggled with design projects that fail to meet your client's expectations? If so join Linda Seco

headshot of Steve Guberman

In this talk, Steve throws out all the preconceived notions on what success means to the creative, how to transfer your vision into your business, and how to make it a reality. Learn the basics of set

If you’ve ever found yourself taking on a client or project despite the red flags, working to the point of burnout because of other peoples’ urgency, unrealistic expectations, and poor managemen

Alena Lane Headshot

How do you effectively design for a taboo topic? Or how sexy is too sexy for commercial art and copy? When dealing with sexual topics for a project, how do you illustrate and design for inclusivity?

Katie Johnson & Ilana Griffo

Finding consistent income as freelancers can be a struggle. Once Katie and Ilana discovered Art Licensing, they were able to even out the ebbs and flows of their business, create a business model buil

headshots of webinar presenters

Join Jonathan Sirota and Julie Sigwart as they walk us through the Dapper Labs 2.0 NFT License agreement. This webinar originally aired on September 23, 2021 and is approximately 1 hour and 30 minute

Amy Greenwald

Whats covered in this webinar: What green web design is and why we should strive to be green web designers. Amy will give you actionable steps to reduce your own website’s carbon footprint withou

headshots of webinar presenters

NFTs took the Internet by storm this winter, with artists commanding thousands of bitcoin for…. Something? If you’re unsure what an NFT is or how you can enter that potentially lucrative marketpla

Ed Shems and Justin Perricone

Get ready for this fast-paced workshop covering every aspect of the wide world of freelancing! Long-time freelancers Ed Shems and Justin Perricone will guide you through the rewards and potential pitf

Image of March 17 Webinar Presenter, Jill Anderson

Consultations, estimates, proposals, contracts, oh my! If on-boarding your clients is a struggle, this webinar is for you. Jill will share her super straightforward system and break everything down i

headshot of webinar speaker Carl Siebert

Presenter: Carl Seibert This webinar originally aired on December 16, 2020. Approximately 1 hour long. How to utilize the Google licensable image badge to market your illustrations and designs

Presented By: David Grossman, ICoD Board Member, in Discussion with Designer Yanique DaCosta and Illustrator Ed Shems This webinar originally aired on November 18, 2020 Approximately 1 hour lon

Presenter: Maria Brophy This webinar originally aired on September 23, 2020, Approximately 1 hour long. ART LICENSING MADE EASY: Learn the basics of licensing your art, which gives you the a

Image of Bill Garner of Gardner Design and

Presenter: Bill Gardner of Gardner Design and This webinar originally aired on July 15, 2020 Approximately 1-hour plus Q&A. This ain’t your normal trend forecast. Join bran

Presented by Brad Guigar This webinar originally aired on April 22, 2020 2 hours with Q&A's   Thinking of building a webcomic? Or do you already have one and want to expand your a

Presented by Kelly Campbell, This webinar originally aired on May 20, 2020. 1.5 hours with Q&A's. Are you running the creative firm of your dreams? No? In this webinar, Kelly Campbell helps

Presenters Justin Perricone and Ed Shems. This webinar originally aired on March 18, 2020 There's no end to the topic of how to price your creative work. Hours? Effort? Internet calculators? Jus

Presenter: Mindi Wernick This webinar originally aired on  February 26, 2020 Ugh, who wants to think about this? Planning for retirement can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In t

Presented by: Ann Boger of Trupo This webinar originally aired Wednesday, December 4th. Open enrollment is the one time of year creatives can buy health insurance. This primer will help save yo

Presenter: Michele Berdinis Originally aired on September 18, 2019. Graphic artists face legal risks that are specific to their business as well as risks that are shared by businesses of all ki

With Sue Jenkins Originally aired on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 You never know when business opportunities might come knocking on your door. How can you be ready to take advantage of those oppor

With Michele Berdinis Originally aired on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 In this webinar, Michele covers key concepts, some of which you may be familiar with, some not. What does the story of a brand me

Guild Webinar presenter Ilise Benum

Presented by Ilise Benun, Marketing-Mentor This webinar originally aired on June 17, 2019. The key to getting better clients with bigger budgets is knowing exactly who those “better clients”

Financial principles you can apply to your creative business. Presented by Linda Anderson Henry, MBA. Originally aired on February 20, 2019. In this webinar, Linda will share how to proactive

December webinar product image

FREE Webinar, Presented by Gregory Hankins. Originally aired December, 2018. A few days after this webinar aired, a judge ruled that the ACA is unconstitutional, since the Tax Cut and Jobs Act r

Ilise Benun headshot

Presented by Ilise Benun. Originally aired July 2018. Proposals and RFPs can be a huge source of stress for creative professionals, especially when you're responsible for new business and doing the

Cover art for the Handbook, 15th Edition

Presented by Patricia McKiernan. Originally aired June, 2018. At over 350 pages, our Handbook can be daunting! Patricia McKiernan covers how you can use the 15th Edition to minimize or prevent p

Webinar presenter Michael Oberther

Presented by Michael Oberther Originally aired April 18, 2018 Basic bookkeeping is critical, but there is, even more, you can do to grow the successful business you’ve always dreamed of. The P

Guild Webinar presenter Emily Cohen

Presented by Emily Cohen. Originally aired April 2016. Are you comfortable with pricing, but want to evolve your thinking and take it to the next level? Emily Cohen covers insights and strategie

Ask a Pro webinar presenters Dawn Mitchell, Priscilla Alpaugh, and Pam Levy

FREE Webinar! Presented by Dawn Mitchell, Priscilla Alpaugh & Pam Levy. Originally aired April 18, 2018. Three pros – two illustrators and a graphic designer – with a total of 50 year

Presented by Valerie Bishop. Originally aired November 14, 2017. Is conflict with clients (co-workers and vendors) eating up much of your most productive hours? Are you spending too much time de

FREE Webinar! Presented by Gregory Hankins. Originally aired in October 2017. With the enrollment period for health insurance via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) shortened, and with the adminis

Connie Cwik headshot

Presented By Connie Cwik. Originally aired in September 2017. Design by Committee situations are difficult at best but there are successful strategies and tactics that are proven to work. In thi

Presented By: Alan Friedman & Kathy Alpert. Originally aired in August 2017. Observations gleaned and lessons learned over four decades in the Social Expressions Industry. Alan Friedman disc

Presented by Katie Lane, Esq. Originally aired in May 2016. If the idea of having to negotiate with a client, co-worker, or boss makes you want to run and hide under the nearest large object, th

Lara Kisielewska headshot

Now that your design firm is up and running, how do you take it to the next level? This webinar covers developing a marketing plan, leaning how to network, and the best ways to market your business.

Lara Kisielewska headshot

Now that you have your own business set up, how do get the jobs – and fees – coming in?  We’ll go over how to negotiate with clients, estimate on projects, and protect yourself with decent cont

Lara Kisielewska headshot

This webinar covers the planning and strategizing you need to do to realize the vision you have for your design firm, from developing a plan to following through with practical steps you need to take.

SOLD Lara Kisielewska headshot

Presented By: Lara Kisielewska. Originally aired in September 2015. Start – Run – Grow Your Design Business is a three-part webinar series. View a single webinar or purchase all three. <h4>Pa

Giuseppe Castellano headshot

Presented By: Giuseppe Castellano. Originally aired in July 2015. Giuseppe Castellano covers tips for artists to use when working with Art Directors – from the perspective of an Art Director.

Collaboration is the New Black announcement

Presented By: Lara Kisielewska & Marty Katz. Originally aired in June 2015. Learn how designers and marketing strategists can work together to produce great work, keep clients happy, manage

Presented By: Joey Ellis. Originally aired in April 2015. Joey discusses a bit of his professional background as a graphic designer, and how those skills, along with his illustration work has he

Presented By: Michael Janda. Originally aired March 2014. The 20 parts of a creative proposal, what you should include in each, and when you should include them in your proposal to a client.

Thomas Fishburne headshot

Presented By: Tom Fishburne, Marketoon Studios. Originally aired in March 2013. Cartoons and case studies parodying innovation pitfalls and showing how to foster creativity and avoid mediocrity.

Presented By: Justin Ahrens. Originally aired in January 2013. Through Life Kerning, Justin Ahrens challenges creative pros to rediscover why they pursued their careers, and to bring themselves

Martha Hoeck headshot

Presented By: Marcia Hoeck. Originally aired in October, 2012. Getting great referrals is part of the most important thing you can work on as a business owner — which is attracting ideal clien

Martha Hoeck headshot

Presented By: Marcia Hoeck. Originally aired in October 2012. Strategies for you to step up and take a leadership role in client communications, and start client relationships out on the right f

Dan Schutzsmith headshot

Presented By: Daniel Schutzsmith, Mark & Phil. Originally aired in September 2012. Whether it’s a cold-call, networking, or word of mouth, the “pitch” is crucial in establishing a rela

Von Glitschka headshot

Presented By: Von Glitschka, Illustrative Designer. Originally aired in September 2012. Turn short-term clients into long-term partners. Build a revenue foundation for your creative business.

Lara Kisielewska headshot

Presented by Lara Kisielewska, Founder, Optimum Design & Consulting. Originally aired in August 2012. Everything you need to know to start your own design firm, from developing a business pl

Lara Kisielewska headshot

Presented By: Lara Kisielewska, Founder, Optimum Design & Consulting. Originally aired in August 2012. Keeping your design business humming: Client relations, essential paperwork, marketing