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Guild 2023 Q3 President’s Report: Unleashing Creativity, Diversity, and Succession in the World of Graphic Arts!

Hello, esteemed members of the Graphic Artists Guild!

Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Yanique DaCosta, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing my first-ever president’s report with all of you. Since my appointment to the role of President in March of 2023 and subsequent election during the 2023 Officers election in June, we’ve hit the ground running and accomplished a lot! But before I delve into the exciting stuff, let me assure you that staying connected with you, our incredible members, is a top priority. So, expect these president’s reports every quarter to keep you in the loop on all the fantastic work we’re doing together!

Now, as your National President, I’ve outlined three primary focuses to elevate our industry and organization: Diversity, Revenue, and Succession. But hold on! That doesn’t mean we’re neglecting all the fantastic things we’ve always done. Oh no! We’re still rockin’ the graphic arts world with our industry-leading publication, The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, hosting virtual events that bring graphic arts professionals from coast to coast together, providing you with free or discounted access to essential industry events and services, and advocating for your rights alongside other industry leaders on Capitol Hill!

Right now, we’re deep in the trenches taking on the challenges posed by the emergence of AI. We’re making sure policymakers have our artists’ needs and rights front and center while keeping all of you informed about this transformative technology. To stay up to date on our stance on Generative Artificial Intelligence, click this link.

Embracing Diversity in the Graphic Arts Industry

Diversity is the lifeblood of creativity, and we’re committed to fostering a more inclusive community within the graphic arts industry. Through our DEI Committee, we’ve embarked on several initiatives to make a difference.

Our first move? We’re bringing our expert knowledge on Pricing and Ethical Guidelines to Detroit Design Month with a free virtual event. By reaching out to the vibrant and creative BIPOC community in Detroit, we aim to improve the quality of our industry and let talented artists know that they have a place to grow and thrive.

We’ve also celebrated International Design Day 2023 with a bang! This year’s theme was “peace, love, design!” and our conversations focused on uniting cultures and promoting diverse backgrounds. It’s all about building bridges and creating a more connected world!

Additionally, we’ve lent our support to the Teen Creative Wellness Project in Akron, Ohio, because we believe in the transformative power of art and the importance of an inclusive community that celebrates diversity. Through such initiatives, we empower teens from all backgrounds and provide them with a platform to express their unique voices through art.

Boosting Revenue and Securing the Future

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on membership fees and the sales of our Handbook to fund our incredible work. But, to expand our horizons and offer even more to our community, we’re on the lookout for partnerships with organizations and companies that align with our mission. If you know someone who could help us take this step forward, drop me a line at !

To support our mission further, we’ve revived Webinar Wednesdays! These webinars are an amazing resource for industry knowledge, open to both our members and the public. Not only do they enrich the community with valuable insights, but the fees from these events also fuel our advocacy efforts.

Now, let’s talk succession because, as much as I love being your President, I won’t be in this role forever. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that our leadership roles continue to attract and be filled by enthusiastic and experienced graphic art pros. To do this, we need to increase community engagement. As a volunteer-run organization, we depend on willing and capable individuals actively involved and ready to step up when the time comes. So, expect some friendly phone calls and essential surveys to get you involved and keep our community thriving!

Exciting Future Endeavors!

As we move forward, we have an array of exciting projects in the pipeline. Let me share a glimpse of what’s to come:

  1. Coloring Book: A fun fundraising initiative that showcases the incredible talents of our members while supporting our organization’s initiatives. Reach out to Leanne Bowers, our proactive Guild Volunteer and Associate representative, if you want to be part of this colorful venture!
  2. In-Person Local Events: We miss the energy of in-person gatherings, and we’re determined to bring them back while keeping everyone’s health and safety as a top priority. Stay tuned for updates!
  3. Mentorship Pairing: Imagine having a dedicated mentor who keeps you accountable while guiding you toward the resources that will help you flourish in your graphic arts career. This exciting initiative is on its way!
  4. Client-Driven Networking Events: Meeting fellow artists is fantastic, but what about meeting new clients? We’re working on events that will facilitate exactly that!

I promise to keep you updated on these developments, and I’m genuinely looking forward to meeting each and every one of you at our virtual events. Together, we’ll continue to be the superheroes the graphic arts industry needs to thrive!

Yours, in creativity, love, and advocacy,

Yanique DaCosta, MFA, LCAM