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We Can Help Build Your Curriculum.

The Graphic Artists Guild offers a free webinar series, “Ask a Pro,” for art and design classes and geared especially for students.

We also offer institutional pricing on our regular webinars. Contact us for more information:

Ask A Pro webinars provide presentations by professional designers, illustrators, cartoonists, and business people to educate and support students as they develop their art careers.

Access recent webinars at the following links:

Ask An Illustrator

Tips on navigating the publishing industry from a professional illustrator.


Ask A Cartoonist

Two cartoonists sketch out current career paths for cartoonists.

Webinar speakers Mark Monlux and Ian Castruita

Q & A with a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator

What’s it like to be a graphic designer and an illustrator in the real word?

Business Basics for Artists

Three pros with a total of fifty years of experience share inside information.

Ask a Pro: Social Media for Illustrators

Learn best practices for illustrators using social media for self-promotion

Social Media for Illustrators

Ask A Pro: Copyright Basics

An introduction to copyright and its protections, as well as guidance through the online application.

Ask A Pro: Mistakes I’ve Made

We’ve all made mistakes: our panelists talk about theirs, how they fixed them, and how they improved their professional practices.

Business, Trade and Ethics Advice Written by Pros

Our industry standard guide, the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines (PEGs), is invaluable in the classroom. In the new 16th edition, released May 18, 2021, we’ve updated pricing guidelines, sample contracts, best practices, and more. We’ve also added a chapter on using skills and talents to maximize income with multiple revenue streams. And we’ve added a brand-new feature—interviews with 11 self-employed graphic artists who have created successful careers, using many of the practices found in this Handbook

Many professional designers cite the PEGs as the book that taught them how to run a successful business.

cover art for the 16th edition of the Handbook

Cover art and design by Kimberly Glyder,

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