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For your convenience here are the answers to many of our most commonly asked questions.


How can I join the Guild? Is there a review process?

You can join the Guild on our website if you have any trouble, contact: .

To contact us via snail mail, you can do so at:

Graphic Artists Guild, Inc.
Attn: Membership

2248 Broadway #1341
New York, NY 10024

The Guild does not have a review process, we take you as you are.

What’s the status of my membership? What about renewing my membership?

The Graphic Artists Guild considers you a member as soon as you register. The on-boarding process usually takes one week but it can take up to 3-4 weeks for you to receive your Handbook. Click here to become a new member of the Guild.

Guild membership renewal is based on your anniversary date. For example, if you join in May, your membership will renew annually in May. If your membership doesn’t auto renew, we’ll send you an invoice for renewal. If at the end of 30 days you have not renewed, you are considered an expired member. You can renew online by logging into the members area. If you are having difficulty logging in, call the office, 212-791-3400 or email,

May I pay my dues by credit card over the phone?

You may renew your membership through your member portal, or with a credit card by calling 212-791-3400. New members need to submit a full application.

I haven’t received my handbook from the Guild even though I paid. You guys haven’t forgotten me, have you?

Never. It can take up to 3-4 weeks for you to receive your copy of the printed Handbook. If it’s been longer than that, please call us right away and we’ll chase it down: 212-791-3400 or email

How do I notify the Guild of a name, region or address change?

Send us an email We’ll take it from there.

Am I eligible to become a member of the Guild? What sort of artist must I be?

The Guild supports all graphic artists (including, but not limited to: designers, illustrators, cartoonists, animators, digital artists, and photographers) The Guild embraces graphic artists at all skill levels. See our Registration Page to learn more about becoming a Guild member.

Where’s my nearest region?

Guild Regions are: New England, East, Midwest, South and West.
See the map below to identify your region.

How do I find out about events sponsored by my region?

Find out about local events by visiting the web page for that region.

Guild Regions are: New England, East, Midwest, South and West.
See the map below to identify your region.

How can I get Proof of Membership?

Please send us an email at we’ll send you a letter as proof of membership.

What is the difference between the Guild and AIGA?

The Guild’s mission is to promote and protect the social, economic and professional interests of its members. The Guild is committed to improving conditions for all graphic artists and raising standards for the entire industry. The Guild embraces graphic artists at all skill levels.

Our members include – but are not limited to – animators, cartoonists, designers, illustrators, and digital artists who derive their income from the creation of Graphic Art. Many of our members are in parallel professions that support Graphic Artists, these members include – but are not limited to – educators, intellectual property lawyers, artists representatives and others in related industries.

We fulfill our mission through education, legislation and community.

AIGA’s mission is to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force.

I live outside of the USA. Can I join the Guild?

Yes, we do accept international artists, however our information is based on U.S. law and the Handbook is not shipped internationally.


I already have the Handbook. Are there any other books I can receive as part of my membership?

Sure. Contact us at to find out how to receive a different book or opt out of receiving a book.

Does the Guild offer classes?

The National office offers webinars. There are several new webinars each year. Click here to see our upcoming webinars. All the webinars are available to members as part of their membership. Archives of all the webinars are inside the members only area. Non-members can attend any of our webinars at a cost of $45 per webinar. A link to the webinar recording will be sent to registrants a couple of days after the live session for you to view at your leisure.

Does the Guild offer health insurance?

The Guild does not directly offer any insurance; however, we have a partnership with LIG who offers concierge services to make your search for insurance painless.

Click here for additional Information.

I need some legal help with my business. Can you help me or recommend someone?

The Guild office cannot provide you with legal advice. The Guild has a national network of lawyers who are expert in the issues we most commonly face: copyright and intellectual property, contract negotiations, internet issues, licensing, royalties, and collections. This network is available to members.

Every state is different, so you will be best served to consult a lawyer in your state who knows the particular laws affecting your situation and who is licensed to practice where you work.

We can e-mail you information about lawyers available in your area. Although we know we don’t have lawyers in every state, we will do our best to connect you with someone. Please forward your requests to the Guild at

Note: We suggest that you discuss fees with the attorney before you accept advice or assistance. Only you can decide if the attorney is appropriate for your situation. The Guild will not interfere in the attorney/client relationship, and is not responsible for the lawyer or his/her fees.

Do you have digital electronic copies of contracts I can use?


Customizable digital contracts are a Guild member benefit. Members can access the contracts in the members only section of the Guild website or email us: for copies.

Printed versions of the contracts can be found in the handbook. US based members receive the handbook when they become members.
The handbook is not shipped internationally.


If you’re not a member, our book, Graphic Artists Guild: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines Handbook has a number of sample contracts for your use. A link to these customizable digital contracts are available to people who show proof of a book purchase.

I’m confused about how Copyright laws work or how to register my work. Where can I get this information?

Our Tools+Resources section provides a lot of information about copyright. If you need more detailed information, try Chapter Two of the printed edition of the Handbook covers your legal rights including copyright information. If none of these sources works for you, please email with your specific question.

Are you a union? Do you have a bug or logo I can put on my work?

The Guild changed its status from Union to Trade Association. We have an image that shows you’re a Guild Member that you can put on your work.
Note: October 2014 the Guild membership voted to change from a union to a trade association.

How do I locate a certain type of artist in my area?

You can find member portfolios on this website. Select the type of artist you need and then take a look at the work presented. Follow the artist links to find out more about the individual or visit the member’s website.

I’m trying to find an artist so I can get permission to duplicate his/her work. Can you help?

Email the Guild office at, and we’ll see if we can find info for you. If they are a Guild member, we’ll refer your inquiry to them.

Can the Guild find me a job?

The Guild does not help you find a job. We have a creative career board to help you with your search.

Does the Guild write 01-Visa Peer Advisory letters?

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