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Grievance Review & Assistance

A Graphic Artists Guild Member Benefit

The Graphic Artists Guild is committed to protecting our members and insuring that they are treated ethically and fairly. In keeping with this mission, the Guild created the Professional Practices Committee for two reasons: to help individual members resolve professional problems; and to uphold each case as a precedent to end industry abuses committed against artists. Guild members who have sufficient business experience in diverse disciplines volunteer their time to the Committee to help their fellow artists resolve business differences.

Peer Review

The Professional Practices Committee is not a law firm. It is composed of working professionals in the field and volunteers for the Graphic Artists Guild. The advice that is offered is based on their professional experience, and does not constitute legal advice.

How the Grievance Process Works

The Committee reviews cases of grievances, such as non-payment or non-return of artwork, submitted by Guild members. Grievance filers do not attend. The Committee will only consider the case if:

  1. The invoice is more than 90 days overdue.
  2. The member has invoiced their client at least twice.
  3. The member has sufficient documentation to support their position.

The Committee decides a course of action based on the standards established by the Graphic Artists Guild, the Code of Fair Practice, and existing industry laws.

Communications are conducted through the National Administrative Director, who contacts the member to report the Committee’s decision. If the Committee decides to handle the member’s grievance case, they will contact the client on behalf of the member. Support from the Graphic Artists Guild bolsters the member’s request for resolution.

If the Committee cannot help the member resolve their case, the Committee recommends additional steps, such as small claims court, a lawyer from our referral list, arbitration, or mediation. Letters written by the Committee are then valuable documents in presenting a member’s case.

Examples of Cases Considered by the Professional Practices Committee

  • Non-payment for artwork approved and delivered
  • Non-payment of agree-upon kill-fee for artwork commissioned but not accepted
  • Refusal to pay adequate kill fee
  • Refusal to reimburse for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Refusal to return original artwork, samples, or materials
  • Use of artwork without artist’s permission

Grievance Committee Application

Guild Members: Log into Member Central to access the Grievance Application page.