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banner image from the AI/ML Media Summit showing the conference logo and date and time

Guild Partnering in AI/ML Conference

The Graphic Artists Guild is partnering with Concept Art Association, the Society of Illustrators, and the National Cartoonists Society in producing a free, one-day conference on artificial intelligence generators. The AI/ML Media Advocacy Summit will feature panels of creators and experts from different regions and disciplines, and will culminate on with a two-hour workshop on developing AI ethical standards.

Speakers and panelists for the event include Keith Kupferschmidt from the Copyright Alliance, Abhishek Gupta from the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, and artist Grzegorz Rutkowski. Graphic Artists Guild Advocacy Liaison Rebecca Blake will be participating in the US Panel. The disciplinary panels include many of the organizations that the Graphic Artists Guild partners with in advocating for creators: Mary Rasenberger from the Authors Guild, Ed Hasbrouck from the National Writers Union, John Murphy from Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, Thomas Maddrey from ASMP, and Jeff Sedlik from APA.

The summit schedule can be viewed here. You can register online for the AI/ML Media Advocacy Summit by creating an account. You will be able to access links to the event panels on March 10th from within your account.

The Graphic Artists Guild position on AI generative technology is grounded on the fundamental rights of artists: credit for the work we do, our consent for the use of our work, and compensation for the tremendous value we bring. You can read the position here.