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Empowering Creatives: Advocacy in Action at the School of Visual Arts

In our continuing advocacy effort, Delanie West, Guild Advocacy Liaison and marketing expert in creative intellectual property with 30 years of experience, delivered a lecture at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) to the students of Professor Carol J. Steinberg. The talk covered essential topics such as non-disclosure agreements, contract negotiations, and understanding royalty rates.  This talk emphasized the significant role of understanding business deliverables’ value in the creative industry, a renewed focus of the advocacy efforts to educate emerging creatives on the business side of their art.

This initiative, inspired by the principles found in the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, represents our ongoing mission to educate and empower artists about the value of their work. Through such engagements, we aim to ensure artists are equipped with the necessary knowledge to protect their creative rights and achieve fair compensation, reinforcing our commitment to advocating for the academic artist community.

Carol J. Steinberg, Esq. brings her legal expertise to the School of Visual Arts (SVA), offering invaluable insights into artists’ rights and legal concerns. Her work prepares emerging artists to navigate the complexities of the art world confidently. SVA nurtures creative talent with a robust curriculum and a global community, highlighting the importance of both artistic skill and professional knowledge for over 6,000 students and 41,000 alumni.

The “Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines” in its 16th edition,  was first published in 1973. This resource has become an essential guide for graphic artists, providing crucial information on business, pricing, and ethical standards across the visual communications industry.

About Delanie West:
Delanie West, an MBA focusing on Marketing and Entrepreneurship, brings a unique blend of skills to the Graphic Artists Guild. Her expertise in international business and intellectual property for consumer product development, coupled with her academic foundations from Syracuse and Hampton Universities, positions her effectively in her advocacy role. As a former DEIB Co-Chair and the current Advocacy Liaison, she is a fervent advocate for diversity and artists’ rights. Additionally, her experience teaching entrepreneurs at Columbia Business School enriches her contributions to both the creative industry and advocacy initiatives.

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