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This One Summer

Book cover for This One Summer

Author Mariko Tamaki
Illustrator Jillian Tamak

Book type: Graphic Novel, 12-18

Where it is banned:

This coming-of-age graphic novel was created by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, cousins who had previously collaborated on previous projects. Both are committed to showing strong Asian protagonists in their work. This One Summer relates the story of two friend who, during their annual seaside vacation, become aware of the struggles of the adults in their families. The summer is complicated by the friends’ growing realization of their own budding sexuality.

The graphic novel was well received when it was published, with critics lauding both the evocative drawings as well as the skillful portrayal of teen pre-angst and turmoil. It won numerous awards, included the Eisner Award, Caldecott, Printz, and Ignatz. However, the book was quickly challenged for it’s subject matter, deemed too mature and sexual in nature for the intended audience. It has been removed from a number of school libraries.

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