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banner image for the Teen Creative Wellness Project, showing a silhouetted image of a girl calling

The Guild Supports the Teen Wellness Project

The Graphic Artists Guild is pleased to announce our support for the Teen Creative Wellness Project, an Akron, OH based initiative. Support for the program reflects the Guild’s belief in the transformative power of art, and the importance of fostering an inclusive community that celebrates diversity. Through its shared commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Guild aims to empower teens from all backgrounds, providing them with a platform to express their unique voices through art.

The Guild’s involvement with the Teen Creative Wellness Project is led by Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee Co-Chair, Delanie West. The Project addresses mental health issues at a critical juncture, as teens are facing unprecedented challenges on many fronts. The Project’s programming fosters well-being through creative activities and techniques which both address the needs of teens and promote of mental health awareness in the community. Graphic Artists Guild members are invited to become involved with the Project through the DEI committee.

The Guild is proud to join other sponsoring and supporting organizations of the program: