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Peace. Love. Design! International Design Day 2023 Member Gallery

For this year’s International Design Day,  we invited Graphic Artist Guild members to share their thoughts and on the theme of “Peace. Love. Design!” We’re also displaying designs they selected, that showcase how they reflect these values in their work.

International Design Day is the annual celebration of design promoted by the International Council of Design. The Council selects themes for the day reflecting core values and ethical responsibility designers share. This year, IDD also celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Council.

“Working together with a kind heart, empathy, and goodwill toward our fellow humans, we can imagine disruptive change.”

IDD 2023: Peace. Love. Design! visual by Martina Giustolisi, a graphic designer based in Sicily.

Image of the International Design Day 2023 poster

Alexis Bartlett

San Jose, CA

Design is about communication, visually. Design can play a huge role in what messages we want to convey. The pieces I’ve chosen are three logos that I’ve recently done for clients. The first is for Shayna Landry whose business looks further into people’s DNA tests to find their families and relatives. She and I wanted her logo to convey her caring personality. The second is a logo for a local woman who provides pet grievance services. Pets are such valuable, loved members of our families and many people struggle with losing their furry loved ones. And the third is a logo done voluntarily for my son’s school’s largest annual fundraiser. It goes without saying that my son is my world, and I try to do what I can for his school in the hopes that the community thrives for the sake of him and his education.

All images © Alexis Bartlett. Used with permission.

Leanne Bowers

Sterling, VA

Throughout my career I have always found time and space to use my design skills to help others. I feel very fortunate to have a skill that can help people and organizations in big ways. A skill I can leverage as a volunteer at Vegan Hacktivists, where I volunteer along with hundreds of other volunteers globally, sometimes banning together and designing on the same project. Or even on a small scale when I volunteered my time to brand a small bakery in a small town that ended up being quite the social binder for many people in the town.

All images © Leanne Bowers. Used with permission.

Ted Chin

San Francisco, CA

My work are most of fantasy and surreal design. My goal is to hope to bring joy to my audience and inspire them to use their imagination more often. In a way, I hope it does promote positive image and healthy mindset with love and peaceful vibe.

All images © Ted Chin. Used with permission.

Karsten Ivey

Concord, NC

As an African-American, I have tried to use design to promote peace, love, and unity through diversity in my art and design. I feel it is important for people to see themselves and others in art. Throughout my career, diversity is reflected in my illustrations, graphic designs, infographics and motion graphics. Right now, those goals have culminated in my CryptoPeops NFT project, which promotes diversity with love, peace and happiness incorporated in the traits of the art.

All images © Karsten Ivey. Used with permission.

Brittany Lewis

Memphis, TN

My work heavily revolves around the concept of improving oneself and one’s environment through self love, self reflection and personal accountability. The art that I create invites the viewer to become purposefully introspective, building the foundation for peace, love & unity. In order to make a real impact on the world around us, we must become the change we want to see.

All images © Brittany Lewis. Used with permission.