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Enrolling in Healthcare: A Q&A for Freelancers (2017)

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Presented by Gregory Hankins.

Originally aired in October 2017.

With the enrollment period for health insurance via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) shortened, and with the administration’s decision to stop paying federal subsidies to insurance companies, we’ll discuss whether freelancers can enroll in health coverage through the federal exchanges and more.

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More About This Webinar

In this informational webinar, Gregory Hankins of Retirement Aspirations will answer basic questions about the Affordable Care Act:

• Can you still purchase healthcare through the public exchanges?
• Why do residents of some states need to buy health insurance from, and residents of others buy from their state’s website?
• What happens if you miss the deadline to enroll in health insurance?
• Why are insurance rates so much higher in some states?
• What will happen with premiums in 2019?

**Please note: This is an informational webinar on applying for health insurance only. It does not cover politics of the Affordable Care Act.

About Our Presenter:

Gregory Hankins is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Retirement Aspirations, established in October 2006. Hankins brings more than a decade of global outsourcing, operations, and strategic consulting experience in Human Resources and Benefits Administration services to his clients and partners.

“I started Retirement Aspirations because there is a huge demand, especially in mid-sized companies, for Human Resource and Benefits Administration support,” says Hankins.

A proven leader with a solid reputation as a strategic, decisive, and client-focused professional, Hankins is known for tackling tough issues, driving high performance and achieving results, specifically in on and off shore benefits administration markets.

Prior to launching Retirement Aspirations, Hankins served as Global Operations Manager of Mellon Financial, where he pioneered HR operations, designed highly-effective staff training programs and lead highly skilled, cross-functional teams in the design, development and launch o

f leading-edge solutions and HR processes for Fortune 500 clients.He spent more than a decade in various management positions with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, managing client relations and quality in their service centers. Hankins also held senior positions at Kwasha Lipton where he served as Senior Benefits Representative for the Bank of America.


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