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Using Google to Sell Your Work

Presenter: Carl Seibert

This webinar originally aired on December 16, 2020.
Approximately 1 hour long.

How to utilize the Google licensable image badge to market your illustrations and designs

This year, Google launched its new licensable image badge feature. That means if you embedded your metadata into your image files, Google search results will show that you’re licensing your work and will link directly to your licensing webpage. But how do you make this happen? Photographer Carl Siebert will go over the how-to and why of embedding metadata so that your work is licensable through Google. He’ll answer:
  • What is metadata?
  • How do you embed metadata into your images?
  • How does Google display your images and information to show that they are licensable?
  • What are best practices you should follow in putting your images online?

Check out Carl’s blog for addtional resources:

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More About This Webinar or Presenter

About Carl Seibert:

Carl evangelizes the importance of metadata to “empower honest people”, on his blog and YouTube channel, where he mixes advocacy with a steady stream of how-to content for photographers, web designers, and other content creators. He believes that communicating meta-information about the ownership and content of visuals is essential to protecting the rights of artists and preserving our visual culture.
Carl’s path to metadata guru-dom started during a career in photojournalism. He fell in love with the medium as an adolescent photographing school events with his dad’s Leica. He became a newspaper photographer and later a project manager and photo editor charged, among other things, with responsibility for maintaining rights and licenses. Along the way, he came to appreciate the way a few hundred characters of metadata on pictures were the thin line between maintaining control of millions of assets – and his sanity – and chaos. 
He lives and works in Florida with his wife and a furry management team. (Cats, we think.)


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