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Logos & Trademarks & Fonts, Oh My! Legal Rights Behind a Brand

With Michelle Berdinis

Wednesday, July 17 2019
1 PM CT, 12 PM MT, 11 AM PT

Join us for our July webinar as attorney Michelle Berdinis guides us through the intellectual property jungle. Michelle will cover key concepts, some of which you may be familiar with, some not. What does the story of a brand mean and why is it important to you? Logos, fonts, and taglines are critical elements in communicating the story of a brand but what are the legal rights behind those elements and how are they protected?

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More About This Webinar

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

· How to spot the hidden intellectual property in a branding package.
· When logos, fonts, and taglines are worth protecting and when they’re not.
· About the totally cool trend of non-traditional sensory trademarks.

We’ll round out the seminar with some quick tips:

· What’s the difference ® and TM and SM and when and how should you use them?
· What kinds of trademarks have strong legal rights?
· What kinds of trademarks will get you into trouble?

About Michelle

Michele Berdinis has over 20 years of experience practicing intellectual property law. She’s doing what she can to drag the legal profession into the 21st century. In 2015, she launched Beeline Legal, a web-based expert system that delivers legal services to help clients protect the trademarks they love at a price they can afford.

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