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Digital Contract Downloads

   All Purpose Illustrators Letter of Agreement 

   All Purpose Purchase Order  

   Artist Agent Agreement  

   Artwork Inventory Form  

   Cease and Desist Letter  

   Digital Media Invoice 

   Graphic Designer Estimate Form 

   Graphic Designer Invoice 

   Illustrators Estimate Confirmation Form 

   Illustrators Invoice 

   Illustrators Release Form for Models 

   Licensing Agreement-Long Form 

   Licensing Agreement-Short Form 

   Magazine Purchase Order for Commissioned Illustration 

   Non-Competition Clause 

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Ideas Submitted Non-Disclosure Agreement for Submitting Ideas  Non-Disclosure Agreement for Submitting Ideas

   Surface-Textile Designer-Agent Agreement 

   Surface-Textile Designers Estimate Confirmation Form 

   Surface-Textile Designers Holding Form 

   Surface-Textile Designers Invoice 

   Web Site Design Maintenance Order Form