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Adobe's recent decision to limit Creative Cloud users to the most recent versions seem to be a response to ongoing litigation, and reveal an uncomfortable truth about software licensing....

ico-D published an article exposing Fiverr’s business model, explaining why the idea of partnership with the platform is so antithetical to ico-D’s core mission. ...

Although The CASE Act expired in December with no bill signed into law, our advocacy efforts on behalf of the bill weren't in vain. We got the attention of lawmakers, and expect the Act to be reintroduced this year...

A new compendium of logos has been published online: Logobook. Each logo is presented only in solid black and white, permitting viewers to focus on the design and to easily compare logos....

The Guild applauds the introduction of H.R. 6496, the “Fairness for Small Creators Act” introduced by Rep. Judy Chu [D-NY] and Rep. Lamar Smith [R-TX]. ...

In her follow-up article, “Your © is More Than CMI,” Burns goes into greater detail on how to effectively use the copyright notice, and why doing so is such a good practice....