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In her follow-up article, “Your © is More Than CMI,” Burns goes into greater detail on how to effectively use the copyright notice, and why doing so is such a good practice....

Not sure what gift to give the creative entrepreneur in your life? How about the gift of community and business advice from the Graphic Artists Guild?...

The first US federal copyright law was enacted 225 years ago, and the Copyright Office and Copyright Alliance marked the anniversary. ...

Cartoonist/writer Colleen Doran muses on the conflicted relationship artists have with money....

Graphic Artists Guild members have been contributing artwork in the memory of the cartoonists and staff killed at Charlie Hebdo’s offices....

Jason Powers’ infographic illustrates the origin of the million tons of landfill waste created per week between Thanksgiving and New Years Day....

In 2014, the Guild has been an active participant in hearings conducted on copyright and intellectual property by the US Copyright Office, and House Judiciary Committee. ...