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Illustration Rep Changes Policy of Not Crediting Artists After Protest from Illustration Age

Illustrator Thomas James reported on Illustration Age that he was startled to discover that artists representatives illozoo was not crediting their illustrators on their Instagram account (When an Art Rep Puts the Agency Before the Artist). In post after post showcasing beautiful illustration work, illozoo failed to credit the illustrators, instead referring to all as “illozoo illustrator.” Using his Illustration Age Instagram account, James asked why in the comments section, and got back the reply that “They are all illozoo artists. Anyone can see their work on our website.” In response, James posted the posted an illustrator’s name. That resulted in illozoo blocking the Illustration Age Instagram account.

The move wasn’t the most brilliant bit of PR on illozoo’s part; Illustration Age is one of the most respected illustration blogs, and has a huge following. (The Illustration Age Twitter account has over 27,000 followers alone.) However, the agency must have realized how poorly their Instagram practice reflected on them. James reported that subsequently, illozoo inserted the illustrator names into their Instagram posts (although Illustration Age remains blocked).  It’s a small but crucial victory; as James wrote, “If you’re an artist with an art rep (or are looking for one) ALWAYS be sure that the relationship is fair on both sides and that the agency respects you enough to say your name instead of only theirs.”

Recognizing the need to revisit best practices for illustrator reps, James followed up his illozoo article with a repost of illustrator Luc Latulippe’s list of 30 Things to Watch Out for in an Art Rep. The advice is comprehensive and commonsensical, and covers the basic questions an illustrator should ask an artists’ rep before committing to a relationship. It covers the ins and outs of publicity, fees, payment terms, and the working relationship, and will provide illustrators a clear picture of what to expect from their rep. In the comments beneath the article, illustrator Travis Foster summed up beautifully the key components of a successful illustrator/artists rep partnership: “Mutual respect and relationship… In a healthy relationship, both sides work hard to do their part and also trust each other in the process.”

At top of page: James’s screengrab of his exchange on the illozoo Instagram account. The Illustration Age comments have since been deleted by illozoo.