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Celebrating Women Designers on World Design Day 2019

The goal of World Design Day is to challenge designers to reflect deeply on the state of the profession. ico-D, the International Council of Design, challenged us to celebrate Women in Design on April 27, World Design Day 2019. We highlighted women designers who create intelligent, inclusive, sensitive design, whether to make big differences or small ones.

We  invited 12 of our women members to share their stories about making a difference in the world of design by answering the 3 following questions:

  1. Why are women designers important contributors to the discourse on global change?
  2. Women are working in teams, in communities and with governments to find ways to collaborate and have an impact. What was the last project you worked on to improve your community?
  3. Name a woman designer other than yourself, living or deceased, that you think made an impact on the world.

Maria’s passion is discovering the compelling kernel of truth at the root of each brand, and using it to create a unique story....

Sue Jenkins is a web developer, graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, lead at, Adobe Certified Expert, professor, and author....

Wendy Eduarte is a Costa Rican designer and animator that left her hammock in paradise to find a second home in Brooklyn, NY. ...