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Woman in Design: Wendy Eduarte

Wendy Eduarte Embedded Language installation
Wendy Eduarte cobalt styleframe
Wendy Eduarte headshot

Wendy Eduarte

The Mill
Brooklyn, NY

Why are women designers important contributors to the discourse on global change?

I believe women or not, designers are important contributors to the promotion of global change by prompting a gender equity dialogue that diversifies strategies of communication and visual engagement, and enriches tackling change in an ubiquitous way. The prevalence of a rich social and cultural grounding stirs our global community to a better understanding of our limitations and how to problem solve to adapt in the face of an ever-changing global condition.

Women are working in teams, in communities and with governments to find ways to collaborate and have an impact. What was the last project you worked on to improve your community?

Lately, I have worked on more and more projects that foment female empowerment, which I feel very happy and excited to be a part of. But, one of the last projects I worked on was the graphics for a commercial that tells the stories of three very strong professional women and their path into their craft and passion.

Name a woman designer other than yourself, living or deceased, that you think made an impact on the world.

Jessica Hische. She is a designer with a strong female voice who has always carried an unapologetic way of communicating her perspective and presenting herself.

Wendy Eduarte is a Costa Rican designer and animator that left her hammock in paradise to find a second home in Brooklyn, NY.

Driven by nostalgia and all things language, her passion lives in colorful design that connects humans through storytelling as seen through the sensitivity and curiosity that have always been part of her.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Photography in Costa Rica, where she worked creating print and digital graphics for advertising. Which later led her to a new love for motion, as she graduated with honors as Master of Arts in Motion Media Design at SCAD.

She is an award winning director and her work has been featured on Motionagrapher, Vimeo, Boom TV, Ladies with lenses, Mixed Parts, among others. She has collaborated with the wonderful people at Gentleman Scholar and The Mill NY, where she currently works as a designer.

Images © Wendy Eduarte / The Mill. Used with permission.