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Woman in Design: Maria Silva Mora

brand design by Maria Silva
to go cups by Maria Silva
food packaging by Maria Silva
Maria Silva headshot

Maria Silva Mora

Senior Designer & Brand Strategist
Brooklyn, NY

Why are women designers important contributors to the discourse on global change?

The only route to have a thorough and impactful discourse on global change is to have diversity on perspectives by including women, men, and different ethnicities to be able to analyze the whole picture. Women designers enrich the conversation with leadership, empathy, and intuition.

Women are working in teams, in communities and with governments to find ways to collaborate and have an impact. What was the last project you worked on to improve your community?

This project was not the last one I designed but it is a project that I keep close to my heart. Mito is an exhibition done in the public library of Colombia in homage to the first South American magazine dedicated to taboo topics in the early 60’s. The experience gave the user a perspective on the cultural context of the country.

I’m currently working on the redesign of the private label of a major supermarket in New York City. By improving the packaging of more than 200 products, I will be able to have a positive impact on the daily routine of thousands of people.

Name a woman designer other than yourself, living or deceased, that you think made an impact on the world.

Zuzana Licko, Emigre co-founding partner. A Californian based Type-foundry that created the typographic Zeitgeist of the 90’s.

Maria’s passion is discovering the compelling kernel of truth at the root of each brand, and using it to create a unique story. In addition to being a strategist, she is
an award-winning designer, with recognition from CommArts, TDC, LAD, and BID, and a master’s degree in brand strategy from the School of Visual Arts. She blames her German schooling for her severe OCD and orderly desk. Some of her recent clients include Union Square Hospitality, WeWork, 7Fresh, and Fairway.

Images © Maria Silva Mora. Used with permission.