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Woman in Design: Anyi Sun

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Anyi Sun

User Experience Designer
Orion Business Innovation
New York, NY

Why are women designers important contributors to the discourse on global change?

Women designers play an irreplaceable role to the discourse on global change because of our experience, knowledge, and skills. As women, we face the same challenges all women face in their personal and professional lives. As designers, we are extremely passionate about improving the world through thoughtful design. We are equipped with empathy, creativity and artistic skills to produce design outputs to not only uncover and untangle these social issues but also inspire thoughts and actions to address them.

Women are working in teams, in communities and with governments to find ways to collaborate and have an impact. What was the last project you worked on to improve your community?

I have recently worked on a website redesign project for InfoShare – an online database for New York state and city specific data. The website was heavily used by non-profits, professors, and students to write grant proposals and conduct research. As a NYC resident, I am honored to be a part of this project and be able to improve my community by designing a better digital research experience.

Name a woman designer other than yourself, living or deceased, that you think made an impact on the world.

I am very inspired by Margaret Calvert – the designer of the iconic Britain’s road signs. She masterfully crafted designs that are simple and intuitive. Her design has undoubtedly created a long lasting impact.

Anyi Sun is a user experience designer based in NYC. She has led design initiatives to create innovative services and products that improve how people work and live.


Images © Anyi Sun. Used with permission.