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Guild Webinar Archive: Skills & Production

Yanique DaCosta headshot

Presented by Yanique DaCosta. Originally aired Wednesday, January 23, 2019. You know social media is must for your business. You consider yourself a social media savvy graphic artist, but you just

Kevin Callahan headshot

Presented by Kevin Callahan. Originally aired October 24, 2018 Ebook design means taking on a set of considerations that print (and web) designers don't have to think about. We’ll look at how

L.D. Chukman portrait

Presented by L.D. Chukman. Originally aired September, 2018. Augment your creative toolbox with tricks that courtroom artist L. D. Chukman uses to quickly and accurately portray a scene, workin

Kevin Callahan headshot

Presented by Kevin Callahan. Originally aired August, 2018 eBook basics for print designers: what they are, how to create them, and how to adapt print designs to digital use. <strong>Guild me

Presented by Justin Perricone. Originally aired in February, 2018. Is typography a mystery to you? Want to learn more but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re a complete newbie or wa

Presented By: Ryan McKay, RECREATE Media. Originally aired in April, 20017. Ryan McKay of RECREATE Media gives the complete rundown on how to publish your work online, brand your identity across

Presented by Dawn Mitchell. Originally aired in June, 2016. In our previous SEO Basics webinar—Intro to Website Optimization—we taught you how to properly optimize your website in order to i

Presented By: Dawn Mitchell. Originally aired in January, 2016. As a graphic designer, you know how to design a website, but how effectively are you driving traffic to that website? Could it be

Belinda Ivey headshot

Presented by Belinda Ivey. Originally aired September, 2015. Belinda Ivey \guides us through the basics of data visualization – the crux of any infographic. Learn where to find data and how to

Belinda Ivey headshot

Presented By Belinda Ivey. Originally aired in May, 2015. Belinda Ivey, co-founder of KarBel Multimedia discusses how an infographic comes together from concept to final draft, including the thr

Presented by Erik Fadiman. Originally aired May, 2015. As more people access the web from their smartphones and tablets, the range of screen sizes and platforms designers need to deliver for has

Bud Krauss headshot

Presented By Bud Kraus. Originally aired in February, 2014. What to consider when licensing a theme and the pitfalls many designers overlook when creating a responsive WordPress site. <strong