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Member Spotlight: Design is Professional

The theme for this year’s World Design Day, April 27, is “Design is Professional”, so we interviewed a number of our Guild members on what it is to be a professional, and what role ethics play in design.

We asked each to share some samples of their favorite work and answer these three questions:

  1. What traits do you think a professional in the graphic art industry must have and why?
  2. What is ethics in graphics arts? Do you think ethical responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the artist, the client/company stakeholder or both?
  3. Have you ever used your work as a tool for advocacy or to bring awareness to a specific topic negatively impacting society? If yes or no, please expound.

Check out their answers by clicking onto their profiles below.

Aaron Selmon is a Chicago-Based artist, design strategist, and photographer who specializes in brand ideation/rejuvenation, marketing & graphic design.

Dawn Mitchell is a freelance graphic designer who’s passionate about helping SEMs create professional-looking marketing materials.

Diana Donaldson provides graphic design, website design, illustration, content development and strategy services to individuals and teams.

Elena Songer’s goal: find a unique visual solution to the challenge she is consulted for by asking questions and choosing the best fit.

Far Vision’s goal is to create and produce original concepts for games, toys, apparel, comics and books.

Fred Noland draws from a deep well of inspiration ranging from the Expressionists to Underground Comics.

Julie Ver Steegh supports her artist’s habit with a full-time job as a senior graphic designer for a corporate in-house creative services team.

Rebecca Blake is Design Director at Optimum Design & Consulting in New York City, where she develops print and Web design projects.

Sue Jenkins is a UI/UX & graphic designer, front-end web developer, photographer, illustrator, art director, design professor, and author.

Theresa Whitehill founded Colored Horse Studios in 1993, producing logos and branding, packaging, collateral, copywriting, websites, and publications.