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Fred Noland: Design Is Professional

Fred Noland headshot

Fred Noland

Visual Artist
Oakland, CA

Guild member since 2004

What traits do you think a professional in the graphic art industry must have and why?

I’ve found two traits that have aided me immensely in my chosen field are adaptability and a willingness to learn. Drive and creativity are great but alone they don’t get the job and won’t keep you rolling. All facets of the graphic industry have changed and it’s up to us to adapt and re-tool. Learning keeps you curious and makes the work fresh.

What is ethics in graphic arts? Do you think ethical responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the artist, the client/company stakeholder or both? 

“Ethics” is a giant umbrella term that can have multiple implications in our field, from copyright infringement to dissemination of misleading, damaging or unethical information and more.

Ethical responsibility falls to the artist and the client. As artists we don’t just provide a service. We educate and inform our clients as well.

Have you ever used your work as a tool for advocacy or to bring awareness to a specific topic negatively impacting society? 

Yes! I have had the great pleasure of working with People Power Media on the subject of housing. First and foremost I was the principal artist/art director on the “Priced Out” animated series. Over six episodes the series explored different aspects of the Bay Area housing crisis. The have recently tapped me for projects through multiple media outlets that countinue to explore the subject.

Fred Noland draws from a deep well of inspiration ranging from the Expressionists to Underground Comics. His comics and illustrations have appeared on the, SF Weekly, Nick Jr. among others. He has worked creating infographics, animation, visual notes and more.

Images © Fred Noland. Used with permission.