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Elena Songer: Design Is Professional

Elena Songer headshot

Elena Songer

Songer Design
New York, NY

Guild member since 1991

What traits do you think a professional in the graphic art industry must have and why?

  1. A graphic arts professional must “live their brand” and be true and excited about it. I think it’s important to periodically evaluate whether your own brand is buttoned up; and if it’s not make adjustments.
  2. They must have dedication to “excellence”. In other words, never be conformed to give “less than your best”.
  3. The desire to honestly partner with the client is key; and if the relationship isn’t there, look for other ones.

What is ethics in graphic arts? Do you think ethical responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the artist, the client/company stakeholder or both? 

Doing the “right thing”, from your promise of deliverables, to the contract and usage clauses are initiated by you. But the client must be on exactly the same page

Have you ever used your work as a tool for advocacy or to bring awareness to a specific topic negatively impacting society? 

I have not until now. But I am currently trying to help a “feeding the homeless” ministry get the word out about their work, and receive more funding by redesigning its brochure.

Elena Songer’s goal: find a unique visual solution to the challenge she is consulted for. She looks at the project, asks questions, makes as many visual options as she can, and chooses the best fit for the desired criteria.

Images © Elena Songer. Used with permission.