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Banned Books: Children’s Books and Graphic Novels

Banned (Illustrated) Books

Art is freedom of expression. Banning books goes against everything creativity and freedom stands for. As efforts to ban books gain ground, some of the most notable children’s books, graphic novels, and other illustrated works have been disappearing from classrooms, university curricula, and public libraries. The Graphic Artists Guild is unalterably opposed to the censoring of diverse voices and perspectives. Book bans quell voices that educate our children, evolve our culture, and foster an informed, empathetic democracy. The loss is particularly felt in marginalized communities, even as creativity and self expression have been shown to be powerful tools for fostering wellness.

We are gathering here some of the most-banned illustrated books (as determined by PEN America) and some of our favorites. Learn more about the books, and where you can purchase them.

Do You Have a Banned Book to Share?

Email us the name of the book, where it was banned, and a link to where it can be bought.