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Web design: File under “You Say Potato”

VentureBeat reported on a resolution of a controversy which has split the web design world for more than two decades: the file format GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is actually pronounced “jiff”. The issue was settled by none other than Steve Wilhite, who invented the format for Compuserv in the late 1980s. Steve made his pronouncement at the 2013 Webby Awards, where he was honored on the 25th anniversary of the invention of GIF.

But is the controversy truly settled? For hardcore advocates of the hard-G pronunciation, the answer is no, since the acronym is short for Graphics Interchange Format. Some have proposed the “jiff” pronunciation be applied to a proposed “Giraffe Interchange Format“, an idea which to the relief of zoo keeper and wildlife park managers has not gained traction.

Brought to our attention by @VentureBeat

GIF Giraffe illustration