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Photoshop App Slicey: Best Thing since Sliced Bread?

Web designers still working in Photoshop: rejoice. Begian app development firm MacRabbit has created Slicy (formerly Layer Cake), an app which exports layer groups from Photoshop files as independent images. The app works as a drag-and-drop: users drag an existing Photohop document to the app to have the layers exported. The app even recognizes tags, permitting the user to label a group with the appropriate tag (such as PNG). Slicy even trims the transparency of the exported image. Even better, Slicy can export Retina 2x versions of graphics created from vector shapes and effects.

The app is easy to use, and MacRabbit’s website includes downloadable PSDs which demonstrate the various export effects.  MacRabbit and Slicy have a friendly, informative interface – just what you’d expect from a company which derives inspiration from its pets.

Brought to our attention by @aisleone

Slicy logo