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It’s Almost Here! 16th Edition of the Handbook Ships May 18th

This past year, the Guild board, editor, and consultants have been hard at work on the 16th edition of the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines. There is a lot to be excited about in the latest edition: a new publisher (MIT Press), a new chapter on how to maximize income through multiple streams, and a new feature ­­­— interviews with 11 artists who have launched successful careers using the best practices outlined in the book. As is in previous editions, the book includes trade practices by industry and sample contracts.

As in previous editions, the book has been richly illustrated, this time by Kimberly Glyder. Glyder utilized cut-paper to create a bright montage of the tools graphic artists use. The cover even features a hidden message. The book was laid out by book designer Jill Shimabukuro, who translated the complex levels of information into a clear, clean layout. Both worked under the direction of Linda Secondari, who, as both an art director and Guild Treasurer, took on the Handbook as her Board project. The three presented their collaboration on the project in a free webinar.

Guild members will be receiving their copy of the Handbook free as a member benefit. The books should start shipping in mid-May. Members who have moved or changed residences should contact the Guild to inform our administrator of their change of address. The Handbook can be purchased from Amazon starting May 18 and can be pre-ordered before then. MIT Press lists several other outlets for purchasing the book, including Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.

View the Guild Webinar, Designing the Guild Handbook: A Conversation with Kim Glyder, Jill Shimabukuro, and Linda Secondari