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Guild Health Insurance Options Explained

To explain the health insurance options being offered to our members through the new program launched with BIHIP, the Guild broadcast a live webinar with Tim McNichols of LIG Solutions. The timing for the webinar was auspicious. Just that morning, a writer participating in the BIHIP program tweeted their delight when they discovered that LIG had found them $900 in monthly savings on health insurance. The news made us incredibly excited to extend the LIG services to our members.

McNichols gave a thorough overview of the program and answered members’ questions. (You can watch the entire webinar below.) Some key takeaways from the webinar are:

Screenshot of a tweet about health insurance by LIG

  • LIG is offering a concierge service to help Guild members find health insurance in their state.
  • Freelancers, 1099/contract workers, and small business owners with employees can all use LIG’s services.
  • LIG is open to any inquiries – both those who are seeking new health insurance and those who are happy with their insurance but want to see if there are any better options available.
  • LIG works with all available health insurance carriers.
  • Assistance is provided for major medical, short term policies, Medicare, dental and vision, critical care, and supplemental policies.
  • LIG will work with members to discover any possible savings (such as through subsidies).
  • LIG will also work with members with specific needs (for example, who are looking to retain their doctors, or have particular health issues).

Members can access the portal to the Guild member page on the LIG website in Member Central. With open enrollment for health insurance coming up at the end of the year, now is an excellent time to investigate changing or upgrading your health insurance.