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photos of CASE Act supporters

Grassroots Power: Show your Support!

The House has passed HR 2426, The CASE Act, so we’re launching into our next phase in our campaign: Senate passage of the bill!. We’re working hard to get as many Senators to support the Bill as possible. But with opposition firming up from groups backed by big tech, we have to demonstrate that creators want and need a small copyright claims solution..

That means we’re tapping into our grassroots. This time, we’re not just asking you to tell the Senate why you support a copyright small claims tribunal – we’re asking you to show it too!

We’ve been gathering photos of creators – designers, illustrators, photographers, etc. – holding up signs showing their support for The CASE Act. We already know that members of Congress take notice of your messages. So we think that photos of creators will make an even bigger impression!

How you can participate:


Download and print out the sign you want to use – we have ones for illustrators, designers, artists, photographers, developers, and creators. Snap a selfie of you holding up your sign!


Publicize your support! Post your photo on social media, and tag your Senators. Use the hashtags #CASEAct and #MySkillsPayBills, and tag us too so that we can amplify your post.


Don’t want to use social media? If you’d rather that we post your image, email it to us with your name and your state (so that we can tag your Senators

Don’t want to snap a photo? Send an email, post a letter, or call!

Keep contacting your Senators. Email them, call them, send a letter, or tag them on social media. Your repeated messages are noticed by Members of Congress.

You can find your Members of Congress and links to their websites on Govtrack.

And you can always use quickly find and email your Congress in two clicks.