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Creators Get-Together at Fulton Center, hosted by Eastern Region

Eastern Region, ASMP-NY, and Authors Guild Hosted a Creators Get-Together

On Tuesday, August 6, photographers, writers, illustrators, song writers and graphic designers gathered and mingled in the picturesque Fulton Center WeWork location for a summer celebration. The gathering was an opportunity for members of American Society of Media Photographers, the Graphic Artists Guild, The Authors Guild, and independent creators to champion the progress of The CASE Act, which was recently voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and advances on to the full Senate. The Guild works with ASMP and The Authors Guild, as well as other creators’ organizations to advocate for artists’ rights across a range of issues.

Guild Advocacy Liaison Rebecca Blake brought the attendees up to speed on the status of The CASE Act. Thomas Donley, President of the ASMP-NY, and Cheryl Davis, Legal Counsel to The Authors Guild talked about their associations’ efforts in supporting the bill, and why the establishment of a small copyright claims court matters to their members. Lara Kisielewska, President of The Graphic Artist’s Guild, focused her comments on the Guild’s activities in helping members run their creative businesses better.

The event was sponsored by Trupo, who has recently partnered with the Graphic Artists Guild to provide benefits packages for New York freelancers. Sara Horowitz, founder of Trupo, spoke about the development of Trupo and her experience founding and growing the Freelancer’s Union. She also spoke about the importance of collective action in advocating for freelancers’ rights, and the valuable role professional associations play.

While the Graphic Artists Guild, ASMP, and the Authors Guild often coordinate efforts in advocating on behalf of creators on Capitol Hill, this is the first time the three associations have collaborated on a social event. The evening was thoroughly enjoyable, with creators relishing sharing war stories and comparing experiences across creative industries. The associations intend to make these get-togethers a recurring event.