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Copyright Office Publishes CASE Act Resource Page

We’re getting closer to the implementation of a copyright small claims board! The Copyright Office has published resources on the CASE Act and the creation of the copyright claims board (CCB). For visual artists who have been waiting for a long time for an affordable means for them to pursue copyright infringers, the resource page is an exciting sign of progress.

The page provides vital facts on CCB. Monetary damages will be capped at $30,000, the process will be voluntary, and decisions will be posted online with limited review possible. The benefits of this are the procedure will be user-friendly and streamlined, there will be safeguards against fraudulent claims, and the officers will be copyright experts. The Office also gives some insight into the operations and procedures that need to be developed, such as how claims will be filed, the fees claimants will have to pay, and how respondents can opt-out.

The Copyright Office has already issued a notice of inquiry, asking for stakeholders to weigh in on CCB procedures. They anticipate that the CCB will be operational as early as the end of 2021.

Additional CCB Resources from the Copyright Office:

  • Copyright Small Claims Report: This 2013 report from the Copyright Office informed Congress on the difficulties copyright holders had on pursuing minor infringements in federal court. The CASE Act was introduced as a result of this report.
  • CCB FAQs
  • CCB Quick FAQs
  • Section 512: This resource page covers the section of copyright law which establishes a system for copyright holders and online service providers to address copyright infringement, including the notice-and-takedown or DMCA process