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An Introduction to Copyright Law

Second only to an artwork’s aesthetic qualities, it is copyright law that drives a work’s value and integrity.

Animation: Copyright & You — Defining Copyright Ownership

Copyright protects your creative expression, which can take on many forms.

Animation: Copyright & You — Having vs Registering

To fully protect your work, register your copyright before infringement.

Are You an Employee or Independent Contractor?

Learn if you should be considered an employee and receive important benefits.

Artwork Infringement: Steps to Protecting Your Rights

What should be your first step when your artwork has been stolen?

Ask a Pro! YOUR Q&A with a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator Webinar and Resource List

A list of resources gathered by our illustrator and designer pros for our Ask a Pro webinar.

Avoiding Copyright Infringement: When Has an Artist Infringed

How can you tell if you as an artist have infringed someone else’s copyrights?

Beware the Right of Publicity

If failed to get a model release from the subject of a work, you may find yourself unable to market your own work.

Blockchain Technology Resource Guide

Jesús Cedeño has published a comprehensive blockchain technology resource guide – a technology which is being implemented to manage creative works rights.

Comping and Infringement

Reproducing an image for comprehensive sketches without permission is illegal.

Contract Glossary

This glossary simply explains what the clauses in your contracts mean.

Contractors, Copyright & Licensing

Don’t assume that work done on-site by an independent contractor automatically belongs to the company.

Contracts and Payments: Your Options When You Don’t Have a Signed Contract

What are your options if your client refuses to pay you, and you don’t have a contract?

Copyright Myths: Getting It Wrong About Protecting Your Rights

We’ve analyzed the most common myths about protecting your works with copyright and using copyrighted works.

Covenant Gardens: Demystifying Noncompetition Agreements

Traditional non-competition agreements apply only to an employment setting.

Designing Your Website to Avoid Copyright & Trademark Problems

Not following best practices in website design may subject you and your client to litigation.

Downloadable Disability Access Symbols

These disability symbols advertise your accessibility to anyone who needs access to your building or offices.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Client But Were Afraid to Ask

Handle potential miscommunications between you and your client.

Fair Use or Infringement?

Can you show your work in your portfolio even if someone else owns the copyright? Is it safe to use copyrighted works in your collages?

Graphic Arts Today

View trending content and articles from Graphic Arts Today.

Guidelines for Art Competitions

The Guild surveyed contest holders, jurors, and entrants to create guidelines for what an ethical contest should and shouldn’t include.

Hey, That’s My Work on Their Web Site!

Has your work been infringed on someone’s Web site? What are your legal rights?

If You Want to Sue for Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement lawsuits are complicated, but sometimes litigation is the only way to go.

License It

Licensing is a 70 billion dollar industry, and “Art Licensing” makes up 10% of all licensing.

Negotiate That Contract

There’s often a problem with at least some of the terms of the contract that’s being offered to you.

Orphan Works: A Legislative History

“Orphan works” are problematic because they are still protected within their terms of copyright, but their owners cannot be contacted.

Pricing: How Low Will You Go

When a project comes your way, you may tempted to consider compromising your fee, especially if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

Promote, Negotiate, and Make Money

We’ve made some of our Handbook’s practical business advice available to you here for download.

Registering Your Copyright in Graphic Design: Fighting Back if the Copyright Office Says No

The Copyright Office routinely rejects registration applications for graphic design.

Starting Your Own Communication Design Business

Learn the nuts and bolts of starting your own communication design business with this free whitepaper.

The Code of Fair Practice for the Graphic Communications Industry

The Joint Ethics Committee’s Code of Fair Practice defines an ethical standard for business practices and professional conduct.

The Letter of Agreement

Close the deal with a propsective client by sending them your studio’s Letter of Confirmation.

To Sell or to Rent: The Difference Between Copyright License and Transfer

As the owner of a copyright to a work, you have the option to either sell the copyright, or rent it.

Trademark, Copyright, and Related Legalities

The standards for infringement in copyright law and in trademark are actually quite different.

Trademark: What It Is

A trademark is often erroneously confused with copyright.

What is Fair Use?

Copyright is subject to certain limitations found in sections 107 through 118 of the Copyright Act.

When a Design “Contest” is not a Contest

Designers are hurt by contests which gain artwork and the rights to all the entries with little outlay of cash or prizes.

Writing Your Own Contract: Pre-Contract Checklist

Here is a list of items that you should discuss with your client before you write up your contract.