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Why Join the Guild? Ask an Artist!

Meet the illustrators and designers who belong to the Guild – professionals who are passionate about our work, and our community. We know how to value our work, charge for our talent, and protect our interests. We advocate for our rights and stand up for fair business practices.

When you join the Graphic Artists Guild, you’ll become part of our community of commited professionals who are working to change our profession for the better. We’re advocating for copyright reform that will truly protect the interests of individual creators. And we're on the forefront in pushing for fairness – in the court, and in how we run our businesses.

"When I was in design school, we learned about the Guild’s Handbook from our art teachers. When I became a full-time freelancer, the very first thing I did was go out and buy the Handbook so I could learn the business and so I could make sure to follow industry standards in my business. When it came time to join an industry organization, I joined The Guild because of the history and since it is behind the book that sets the industry standards and the only organization that does advocacy for the design industry. I don't know what I'd do without the Guild and it's wonderful Handbook to help guide me through my career."


Join the Guild by November 17th to receive a USB hub -


Receive your 4-port USB hub - Branded with the Guild Logo

• Lightweight
• Requires no additional power source
• Translucent Blue
• Measures: 3.5 L x 1.5 H x .375 D



and the book of your choice

Illustrator and author Michael Fleishman has donated to the Guild a library of his published books to entice new members. (Michael's also a dedicated Guild member. Is it any wonder we love our members?) Join the Guild, and select your prize (first come, first served, while supplies last)!

Starting Your Career as an IllustratorStarting Your Career as a Graphic DesignerStarting Your Career as a Freelance Illustrator or Graphic DesignerHow to Grow as an Illustrator

Read more about Michael Fleishman’s books.

Receive tangible benefits:

•  Free admission to live Guild webinars, and access to our vast library of archived webinars.
•  A page in our member portfolios.
•  A library of digital contracts to edit and use.
•  Each new edition of the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines.
•  Discounts on professional services, publications, talent directory pages, etc.

Become an advocate, for yourself and for graphic artists:

• We advocate for llustrators and designers locally, and in DC.
• We educate the community, through our news articles, tools and resources, and student outreach.
• Guild members texchange information and ask questions at our monthly virtual get-togethers.
• As an active member of ico-D, we work with design associations around the globe.
• Interested in how you can advocate for artists? Members are encouraged to get involved!

When you join the Guild, you can claim your membership fee as an employee business deduction against your 2017 taxes. Check with your accountant or tax advisor for instruction on how to do so.


"I remember the guild being suggested to us by a professor in college. She said that being a member was a great help to her when needing a lawyer to dispute payment. Personally, I have found the webinars to be greatly insightful and often enriching to my business. As an illustrator who regularly licenses her artwork to large companies, being a part of the Guild offers peace of mind and solidarity." 

Amarilys Henderson
Licensed Illustration Artist
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"I became a member of the Guild in early 2017 after forming my company Unfed Artist, LLC (www.unfedartist.com), but I have been using the Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines for over a decade. The Guild Handbook was instrumental in shaping my career as a freelancer, and I can’t fathom making it to where I am today without its guidance. As a member, my business benefits from networking with other artists around the country, and from the informative Guild webinars! I hope the Guild grows and continues to help other artists understand the business of art, because in the end we all benefit when more artists know the value of the work they create, and are savvy about contracts, copyright, and everything else that isn’t really taught in art schools (at least when I went!)."

Ian Castruita
Unfed Artist, LLC
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"As a millennial creative, I have found that our generation lacks the resources we need to remove ourselves from the starving artist lifestyle. The Guild can help young graphic artists, such as myself, find a clear path through the cobwebs of the art business. I want to help get this message to my peers as well continue to support and learn from those that entered this world before us."

Yanique DaCosta, M.F.A.
Twitter @theYKMD
Instagram @theYKMD

"The PEG Handbook is the best resource for any independent graphic designer and I constantly recommend it to other creatives. I first joined the Guild to take advantage of the monthly webinars (the Pricing Game is always a great learning experience) and, since joining, have enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals who are part of the Guild.

My graphic design studio, LisaVdesigns, provides services for all things BRANDS + BOOKS for printed or online purposes (i.e. book covers/interiors, logos, collateral, packaging, social media graphics, signage, etc). I'm passionate about partnering my skills with those who are making a difference in the world, whether that's a global non-profit organization, a Fair Trade company, a biz with an eco-friendly focus, or even those making a big impact on their local economy."

Lisa Von De Linde

@lisavdesigner on Instagram

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Only for working graphic artists who derive more than 50% of their income from their graphic art. Full members vote in our elections and may select up to three areas of expertise in their portfolio.


Alternate payment option:
Full members may also choose to spread their membership fee out over monthly $19.95 payments.

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For those who derive less than 50% of their income from their graphic art. Associate members cannot vote and may select one area of expertise in their portfolio.


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For those who are full time students. Student members cannot vote and may select one area of expertise in their portfolio.


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