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Guild Member Connect Joy

Member Connect: Connecting on ‘Joy’

The Guild’s Member Connect is a members-only online session where we take time out to address personal values that have important bearings on our professional lives.

Member Connect on ‘Joy’ hosted by Derick Johson

In perfect timing for our November Connect with speaker & US Army vet Derick Johnson we connected over the value of “Joy.”

For many of us the feeling of joy is a daily experience. For others it may be less frequent or we may find it a daily struggle to feel truly satisfied. Whatever level of joy you possess, it can be felt by and transmitted to the people around you at social events, home, and work.

Maybe it’s the prospect of family we haven’t seen all year, the food, or the gifts, but we generally experience a boost of joy around the beginning of “Sweet November.” Or, maybe the holidays bring the opposite of happiness to you for some reason. It tends to be a time where joy is at the forefront of our minds–having it or wishing we did. Either way, it’s always a great idea to do what we can to ensure that our feelings of joy are on the deepest level we can attain.


Derick suggested a list of things we can do to attain/maintain joy:

  • Learn to communicate–It’s a simple but important skill. When you master the art of communication you reduce confusion and frustration. This allows you to create healthy relationships which contribute to your happy-o-meter score.
  • Allow yourself to be emotional–Emotions are part of being human. Allowing emotions to exist and dealing with them directly instead of burying them, keeps the mind healthy and free.
  • Joy is contagious–Studies show that smiling make you feel better by releasing dopamine and endorphins. Studies also show that others get a dose of biochemical joy when you flash them a smile. More points on that happy-o-meter.
  • Do something active–Ready to kick those endorphins into high gear? Take a class, a walk, a jog, or get out your chair right now and do 10 jumping jacks. Increasing physical activity is one of the most popular ways to instantly inject some joy into your veins.
  • Do something for strangers #holidayshare–When you transfer focus from yourself to other people, you give your mind a break. Smiling while you do it will triple down on the good vibes.

Controlling your mind and thoughts is also an important part of feeling joy. What you think about most will become real in your life. When stress, deadlines, financial struggles, and family issues fill your mental plate, they manifest right back into your reality. If joy is the focus, the same will be true.

A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.”–Mahatma Ghandi

Whatever the time of year, striving for and holding on to true joy will always have a good ROI. It can be felt by others the moment you enter a room and even thousands of miles away by phone or through text. The better you feel, the better you’ll make others feel. Good vibes are a key element for a great reputation. As creative professionals, let’s make it a point to fulfill our duty of bringing joy to the world not only via our creative expression, but in the way we operate and live daily.

Learn more about Derick Johnson and his life as an Army veteran, personal trainer, motivational speaker and business consultant. Also, stay tuned for a quick host profile on him before we take a look at empowerment speaker & author Dedra Colston’s “4 S’s of Commitment.”




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