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Member Connect: Connecting on ‘Consistency’

Guild Member Connect exists to:

foster and develop healthy personal growth that will in turn help develop positive professional practices. Creatives tend to neglect their personal growth, not realizing neglecting it stunts their professional growth.

– Yanique DaCosta, Southern Regional Rep for the Graphic Artists Guild.


Yanique Dacosta Member Connect

Yanique DaCosta hosts Member Connect on ‘Consistency’.

There are countless webinars and content on the Internet about “How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur”. We would like to explore, with our members, values that affect our community, using the specific goggles of a creative professional.

With Member Connect we hope to create an authentic, meaningful community to allow us to share, learn, exchange advice, and feedback about topics like ‘Commitment’ and ‘Joy’, and to dig deeper into others like ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Survival’.


We started the series with ‘Consistency’. Yanique DaCosta began the conversation with her input on the concept and her experience with mastering it. We heard from members Liz DiFiore and Jim Leonardson about their own struggles with the “simple” task of being consistent.

Yanique suggests that you start your day by making your bed. This will give you a boost because you’ve already successfully completed one task, as simple as it may be. Day by day, in and out, maintaining a specific routine creates the habit. Develop consistency by being consistent.

On a different note, we delved into the value of being #consistent as an authentic individual.

Many people put on a different persona based on whom they’re dealing with at the moment. That’s why we’re drawn to people who don’t follow the status quo. We love them because they’re transparent and authentic. That’s consistency. No matter whom you meet, where you are, what situation you’re in, you are the same person to every person.

Consistency is authenticity applied.

–Yanique DaCosta.

In our next post, we’ll review November’s Member Connect, when our subject was ‘Joy’ and hosted by Derick Johnson, Army veteran, business consultant, personal trainer, and motivational speaker.

Learn more about how You can Join the Graphic Artists Guild and we hope you’ll join the conversation in one of our upcoming Member Connects.