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Resources to help students thrive.

The Graphic Artists Guild is a non-profit committed to welcoming, servicing, and improving conditions for artists at all education levels.

Supporting creatives to develop a solid creative foundation.

Our passion is to assist students, teachers, parents, and schools with invaluable resources to encourage learners to succeed in their creative endeavors. In addition, we empower teachers to support their classrooms with valuable tools accessible to them anywhere and anytime.

Fill gaps. Accelerate learning.

For over 50 years, The Graphic Artists Guild has created and curated a vast amount of resources that help students and other creatives excel with their creative talents.

Graphic Artists Guild Resources for creative professionals include:

Guild Cast cover artwork

GuildCast Podcast

GuildCast is a podcast created and curated for graphic artists and creatives based on the three pillars of the Graphic Artists Guild: Advocacy, Community, and Business Resources. We hear from Guild members, friends, partners, and more on topics affecting creative professionals worldwide.

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Guild News

The Guild News blog is an extensive library of articles and information covering the latest news in the creative world. Topics include advocacy alerts, best business practices, scams targeting creatives, artist spotlights, and other information of value for those in the creative industry.

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detail of the Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines cover

Guild Handbook

The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines is the creative industry bible. It helps artists navigate pricing, collecting payment, protecting their work, advice for growing a freelance business, tips on negotiating, pricing services accurately, and creating contracts.

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Guild Webinars

In its professional monthly webinar series, the Graphic Artists Guild offers continuing education with real-world advice from graphic design pros to help other creatives go to the next level in their careers. The webinars provide a variety of topics, ranging from best business practices to technical skills.

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Take advantage of the variety of resources available to boost your creativity in the method you prefer.

Everyone Deserves A Chance To Learn

We enable teachers and students to enhance their skills. From advice on daily tasks of creativity to running an artistic business, our FREE Ask-A-Pro series brings together professionals, educators, intellectual property lawyers, art representatives, and other related fields to deliver the education you need.

Check out these ASK-A-PRO webinars that share creative insights:

portrait of Mistakes I Made webinar panelist Crisy Meschieri

Mistakes I’ve Made

We’ve all made mistakes. Our panelists talk about them, how they fixed them, and how they improved their professional practices.

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portrait of Mistakes I Made webinar panelist Crisy Meschieri

Mistakes I’ve Made, Part 2

Designer Crisy Meschieri and illustrator Liz DiFiore as chat about the right (and wrong) ways to run your business, work with clients, and get paid.

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thumbnail illustrations by webinar presenters

Social Media for Illustrators

What is the best way illustrators can utilize social media? Which platforms are most effective? Can it really make a difference in your online presence?

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headshot of webinar presenter Rebecca Blake

Copyright Basics

This webinar introduces copyright basics, why artists should register their copyrights, and how-to navigate the Copyright Office’s online registration system.

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Montage of three webinar presenters

Business Basics for Artists

Three pros – two illustrators and a graphic designer – with a total of 50 years of experience share inside information on how to run your creative business.

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montage of webinar presenters Mark Monlux and Ian Castruita

Ask A Cartoonist

Mark Monlux, a freelancer since 1985, and Ian Castruita, an illustrator and cartoonist since 2016, articulate job possibilities for cartoonists in business.

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Detail of an illustration by webinar presenter Pam Levy

An Artist Navigates the Publishing Business

Professional illustrator Pam Levy shares strategies to navigate the publishing industry.

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montage of headshots of webinar presenters Rebecca Blake and Ed Shems

YOUR Q&A with a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator

What’s it like to be a graphic designer or illustrator in the real world? Our experts tell you all!

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We also offer institutional pricing on our regular webinars. Contact us at for more information.


View our FREE ASK-A-Pro webinars focused on enhancing student learning.

Build Your Currency

We publish the complete pricing and ethical reference for designers—helping graphic artists navigate the world of charging and collecting payment for their designs as well as building their freelance business.

The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines, 16th Edition

The Handbook is an indispensable resource for people who create graphic art and those who buy it. As the graphic art marketplace continues to evolve to meet the needs of both digital and print media and as clients struggle with shrinking budgets in the current economy, the demand for up-to-date information on business, ethical, and legal issues is greater than ever.


Utilize our wide arrange of resources concentrated on intensifying your creative entrepreneur.

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Join the Guild

Students enrolled in 12 credit hours or more are eligible to join as Student Members. Student Membership is good for one year beyond graduation. Participate in all Guild activities, serve on committees, network, and grow your knowledge.

Tell us what you need!

We welcome suggestions and comments from educators. The Guild is currently exploring ways to structure institutional memberships for schools.

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We love our creators as much as they love us. We’re here to help you with whatever you need to succeed.