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Yanique DaCosta, Graphic Artists Guild Treasurer 2021

headshot of Yanique DaCosta

Yanique DaCosta

Art Director / Fine Artist / Designer / Illustrator
YMKD Visual Communications
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Guild Member since 2016

My favorite thing about being a designer, a creative, and a business person, is building something tangible and measurable out of nothing.

What first got you involved with the Graphic Artists Guild?

I first got involved with the Graphic Artists Guild after publishing a video, “Working For Exposure.” A mentor turned colleague, Barry Zaid, watched this video and recommended I get involved with the Guild. Once I learned about the Guild and its history, I knew I found my tribe!

In true Yanique fashion, I couldn’t just become a member; I had to be actively involved in the organization’s efforts and shaping the graphic design industry through those efforts.

Check out the video that started it all here. Give ya girl some grace. The makeup was ghostly, lol.

What would you like to see the Guild accomplish during your term?

I have been in Guild leadership since 2016. During my current term, I would like to see the Guild increase the level of diversity amongst our membership. I would like to see us improve the visibility of the graphic artist career path in communities where the only known path to wealth and financial stability is what is portrayed in pop culture. I would like to see the Guild utilize its financial resources to provide a safe haven for young people to explore the Graphic Arts Industry without fear of the starving artist stigma.

What do you think are the things the Guild can do for graphic artists?

We’re great as individuals with the actual graphic art craft, but sometimes the art of business is lost on us. That’s where the Graphic Artists Guild comes in. The Guild truly provides graphic artists with the best resources to grow and thrive in a capitalist society where sometimes we’re taken for granted. The Guild can be the best business partner any graphic artist could possibly ask for if they take an active role in the organization.

What piece of advice would you want to pass on to new Guild members, or people new to the industry?

Advice I would give to new guild members or people in the industry at all is to be actively involved in shaping the rules of our industry. Be actively involved in creating an environment where we can thrive. Speak to your colleagues, ask their opinions and add value where you can so that we can all rise with the tide.

Yanique’s Firm, YKMD is a visual brand development and advertising company working with the Real Estate Investors and Brokers, Health & Wellness Brands, Privately Owned Medical Companies and Digital Marketing Agencies to increase their visibility and create brand trust amongst their future clients and consumers.

Images and video © Yanique DaCosta. Used with permission.