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Women in Graphic Arts: Thalita Molina

Thalita Molina

Senior Graphic Designer
Dedica Group
Brooklyn, NY

What is one thing you learned in school or via an alternative learning source that has made you a better professional? What was the name of the school / instructor / resource?

As an immigrant woman from Brazil and after working in New York for over several years, I have learned that my persistence work ethic has led me to several great opportunities that others have missed out on.
My hope for other designer’s male or female is to not fear the risk of failing but keep on trying and evolving into something new.

Over the years, I have been a part of some of the best creative teams with the most experience and talented designers. These highly experience designers and work atmospheres have taught me more than any school has. This outside resource has shown me that persistence above all things, is what truly makes a designer excel in this field.

Through my own personal experiences, I have learned that the design process is much like the growing process. The process is not only about seeing the final result, but more about trying something new, failing multiple times, learning from your mistakes and trying time and time again to succeed.

As a woman in graphic arts, how do think the female perspective has impacted the evolution of the industry?

Women have the ability to notice and react carefully with heightened sensitivity.

This sensitivity is sometimes regarded as weakness. The most of successful woman, that I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with have power and strength to be sensitive, show empathy and a higher understanding of tasks and directions. These women are also incredibly strong and show that under pressure magic can happen.

Name a female graphic artist, living or deceased, that made an impact on your aesthetic or work style (Include their social media handles if available). How does that impact present itself in your work?

The aesthetics and root of my work is affected by several designers.

A designer that has always inspired me has been Cyla Costa.

Behind all her work there is always a strong meaning. What also stands out to me about her work is how it seems to revolve around empowering women and demystifying diversity.

Originally from Brazil, Thalita has been living in NY since 2014. Thalita has over 14 years of experience in the design industry, having developed her skills in South America and North America. Currently she is Sr Graphic Designer at Dedica Group.

Images © Thalita. Used with permission.