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Women in Graphic Arts: Sarah Nettuno

Sarah Nettuno

Sarah Nettuno

Nettuno Illustrations
Atlanta, GA

What is one thing you learned in school or via an alternative learning source that has made you a better professional? What was the name of the school / instructor / resource?

Add an extra personal touch, something that says, “I’ve been listening to you, and know that you would like this.” When working with clients, somewhere along the way make sure to throw in a special surprise; something they weren’t expecting. This can go a long way with creating return clients or having clients refer you to others. This extra gesture makes them feel special resulting in you becoming unforgettable to them. Oddly enough, I learned this trick from my wedding photographers, Noble Sparrow Photography. After getting our engagement photos done, they surprised me by sending a cute little paper folded up cube with engagement photos in it. It made me so happy and really worked on me, so it’ll work on other clients as well.

As a woman in graphic arts, how do think the female perspective has impacted the evolution of the industry?

I learned something when I was an illustration student at SCAD. It was that “cute sells.” I think that women have been a driving force in the creation and encouragement of graphic arts that are aesthetically happy, cute, and have feel good essence about them.

Name a female graphic artist, living or deceased, that made an impact on your aesthetic or work style (Include their social media handles if available). How does that impact present itself in your work?

I am a huge fan of Claire Keane’s work as an illustrator. Being the huge Disney fan that I am, she is the daughter of Glenn Keane, a famous animator that worked for Disney. Claire Keane’s work has inspired and shaped my concept development and sketchbook work. She taught me that it is okay, especially in sketchbook phases to be loose, carefree, and imaginative and let the ink flow where it wills.

My name is Sarah Nettuno, owner of Nettuno Illustrations. I specialize in children’s illustration, editorial illustration, product and package design, food and drink illustration, and more!

Images © Sarah Nettuno. Used with permission.