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Women in Graphic Arts: Karri Reiser

Karri Reiser headshot

Karri Reiser

Little Owl Design
Discovery Bay, CA

What is one thing you learned in school or via an alternative learning source that has made you a better professional? What was the name of the school / instructor / resource?

I graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco with a degree in Web Design & New Media. While I learned a number of skills and techniques, the greatest lesson I learned was about myself while taking Composition for the Artist. I was tasked with writing my history as an artist. I had joined the University without any previous art experience. I never took an art class in high school or used art in any other career, yet here I was 30 years after high school entering art school. Through this one essay, I realized growing up with entrepreneurial parents who loved to create had been the foundation I needed to take the leap of faith and start my design company.

As a woman in graphic arts, how do think the female perspective has impacted the evolution of the industry?

Since women are the driving force in consumer purchasing, I think the female perspective is key for marketing campaigns as we move into the future.

Name a female graphic artist, living or deceased, that made an impact on your aesthetic or work style (Include their social media handles if available). How does that impact present itself in your work?

I love a minimalistic design esthetic and there are a few designers I love to follow for inspiration:
Jan Cavan –, Instagram: jancavan
Megan Fisher –, Instagram: owltastic

When I was starting my design company, I found these fabulous women who inspired me with their business models:
Angela Mondloch –, Instagram: saffronavenue
Sara Dart –, Instagram:

“Karri Reiser, wife, mom, designer & owner at Little Owl Design. I love helping businesses deliver their unique message to their ideal client.”

Images © Karri Reiser. Used with permission.