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Tobias Berblinger

Tobias Berblinger headshot

Tobias Berblinger

Freelance Designer and Illustrator
Portland, OR

Why did you become a children’s illustrator?

I’ve always been interested in illustration for children’s books. Since I’ve only recently really made an effort to develop my career as an illustrator, my work for SMART Reading Oregon is the first work I’ve done that approaches illustration specifically for children.

What project are you most proud of? What do children learn or understand from it? Why is that important?

This specific project was a pleasure to work on and I am proud of it, since it was advocating for adults reading to children. It’s such a critical thing to do to connect the imagination of adults and children, as well as promote reading in general. It’s absolutely mutually beneficial. My mother often read to my sister and me when we were young, and I’ve valued those memories my whole life. It’s an honor to create work that advocates for that connection.

What are you itching to draw or illustrate next?

I’ve been a bit of a stylistic chameleon for my clients. I would definitely love to pursue more illustration for children, and to continue to hone and refine my own aesthetic expression.

Tell us about your latest project. Where can it be purchased?

My most recently published illustration was the cover for the band the Reverberations’ 7″ “Palm Reader” on Bickerton Records. It’s available in May.

Tobias Berblinger is an illustrator, designer and musician based in Portland, OR.

Images © Tobias Berblinger. Used with permission.