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Graphic Artists Guild Survey

Graphic Artists Guild Survey.
Information to help your tribe survive.
Information is Power.

To help creativity to survive, you don’t have to rage against the machine; small acts of transparency have a huge impact. Take part in the longest running tradition of empowering other creatives through community information.

Fuel the industry with shared knowledge.
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How Much Time?

We get it. You’ve got a client with a last minute project on fire and an inbox full of distraction – Let’s cut to the chase.

You can save your survey if you have to jet and come back later.

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Editorial Illustration

10 Minutes

Book Illustration

10 Minutes

Advertising and Promotion Design

15 Minutes

Collateral Design

15 Minutes


20 Minutes

Corporate Graphic Design

20 Minutes

Website Design

25 Minutes

A Special Gift of Gratitude…

When you complete the survey(s), we have some swag waiting for you as a token of our appreciation for taking the time to participate.

Choose either one of our Archived Webinars or two (2) Guild Stickers.

Enter to participate in a weekly drawing for a chance to win a complimentary Guild membership for one-year, a $100 gift card,  a commemorative 50th Anniversary T-shirt, or a Michael Fleishman book.

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A Little History About the Handbook…

The Graphic Artists Guild has been publishing the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines since 1973, and it has become one of the most widely used books of its kind in the industry. Each new edition continues the tradition of providing excellent, up-to-date guidance and advice, incorporating the latest information, listings, and pricing guidelines. Members find it invaluable for its practical tips on how to negotiate the best deals, price their services accurately, and create contracts that protect their rights (including sample contracts and other helpful documents). We are so proud to provide this invaluable resource to everyone in the creative industry!

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If you have any questions about the surveys or the survey process, please contact Tricia McKiernan at

We sincerely thank you for your contribution to our 16th Edition of the Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook!