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Robert James Hutchinson

Robert James Hutchinson headshot

Robert James Hutchinson

Owner, Author, Illustrator
RJ Graphics & Illustrators LLC
Central Square, NY

Why did you become a children’s illustrator?

To include in my children’s books learning life at a child’s level.

What project are you most proud of? What do children learn or understand from it? Why is that important?

My book of six stories. Children learn about love, sharing, loss, bullying, gossip, self-esteem, etc. Due to advancing technology, children lack the fundamental learning basics I had when I was a child. These basics are important for children to grow with to become respectful adults.

What are you itching to draw or illustrate next?

My next children’s book, which will involve more fundamental learning, such as not fearing the doctor or dentist, learning to count, etc.

Tell us about your latest project. Where can it be purchased?

My book of six stories, Monkeys Don’t Wear Clothes. This book can be purchased through my website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, among other bookstores/outlets nationally and internationally.

Robert James Hutchinson is the sole owner of RJ Graphics & Illustrators LLC, a publishing company for children’s books. He is an author and illustrator of  children’s books and is considered an indie author, meaning he “self-publishes.” He does not publish any other books except his own. He has published eight books and one coloring book.

He has a passion for teaching young children self-development skills that will allow them to be respectable adults. He has much experience in this passion due to having two children of his own and seven grandchildren of varying ages.

Each story in his books teaches life’s fundamentals at a level that children can understand in an entertaining fashion. The books include learning to share; learning how to deal with bullies; learning about the hurt of gossip; learning how to deal with the loss of a family member; learning unconditional giving; overcoming self-esteem issues and learning about love and being lost. Each story depicts Yako the monkey, who is learning the self-developmental stages of life, with his owner/friend Emma teaching him. The neighborhood children pose many challenges to Yako in his learning abilities.

Images © Robert James Hutchinson. Used with permission.