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Here are your candidates for Regional Representatives. All voting will be done electronically. If you are a Guild member at the Professional level you will receive a ballot by email for the representative(s) in your region. If you do not receive a ballot, please contact Paula.

Balloting ends September 19, 2019 at midnight ET; 11 PM CT; 10 PM MT; 9 PM PT. Results will be announced by September 20, 2019.

New England Representative

Liz DiFiore

Liz DiFiore Illustration

Liz has served the Graphic Artists Guild in the following positions:

New England Region Jr. Rep: 2016-2018
New England Region Representative: 2018-Present

I’m a freelance illustrator specializing in children’s illustration, though I also do middle grade illustration, video and board games, and other commissions. My favorite stories to work on display kids and/or adults dealing with big emotions (like anxiety or empathy) and interpersonal relationships (like kids and their parents, family members, or friends).

I am also an active streamer on Twitch with a lovely, growing community of fellow creatives. I hope the live creation of my art is as delighting as the finished product. Please see my Twitch page at lizziebydesign for my current stream schedule.

When I’m not life drawing in some local coffee shop, I love exploring the New England area, looking for new places to adventure with friends. I’m still new to New England (originally hailing from Western New York) and love learning as much as I can about my new home.

I am a proud member of SCBWI and am the current Representative for the New England Region of the Graphic Artists Guild.

Statement of Interest:

Although I’m new to being a freelance illustrator (10 months in – Woo!) I am no stranger to professional associations, having worked for one as a Chapter Coordinator in a different industry for 7 years. When I made the leap of faith into the creative professional world I knew the first thing I needed to do was find an association that would help me along the bumpy years to come. The Guild did not let me down! From my first regional meeting as a new member – to the latest meeting introducing me as a temporary Regional Rep, I’ve continued to experience the depth of help the Guild can offer its constituents.

My goal, if I am reelected as Regional Representative, is to build on the foundations the Guild has laid with its core values. I want to grow our relationships with educational institutions, help new creatives enter the profession with the right tools to start their journey strong, and strengthen the local network with new members. Through local events, an active social presence, and plenty of enthusiasm, I’m looking forward to achieving these things with you all!


Eastern Region Representative

Katy (Katherine) Marshall

Katherine Marshal - Eastern Region RepCreative Director for Medallion Retail

Katy has served the Graphic Artists Guild in the following positions:

Eastern Region Jr. Rep: 2018-2019


After graduation from Pratt Institute with a BFA/Honors in Painting, Katy worked in the design industry for a variety of agencies. She established Craneco. Studio in 2000, where she had the opportunity to assist a diverse group of clients in establishing and growing their brands. Craneco. Studio enjoyed a 10-year relationship with jeweler Judith Ripka and functioned as the sole provider of design for Columbia University’s Interactive Services Department. Katy has also had the pleasure of establishing branding for Columbia University’s School of General Studies Dual Global BA Degrees. Her work has been recognized and honored by the New Jersey Advertising Club’s Annual Jersey Awards.

Katy is currently a Creative Director for Medallion Retail in New York City and has been a member of the Graphic Artists Guild for over a year. She has also been a member of the NY Art Director’s Club, the NJ AD Club and has been a member of Ceres Gallery, a women’s art collective in SoHo.

Katy lives with her husband, 3 children and 6 cats in a house designed in 1905 by George Mitchell, a well-known Art Director, Painter, and Illustrator.

Statement of Interest:

As the Principal of my own design business, I struggled for 16 years. Although I knew of the Graphic Artists Guild, I wasn’t aware of the Guild itself as a resource for support and information, and knew only of the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines (PEGs). I think of those 16 years as an intense period of untrained, impromtu torch juggling. Luckily, I didn’t drop any torches or unwittingly start any fires, and the sparks that flew only smoldered and were easily stamped out.

Perhaps some of the stress of future business owners in the graphic arts field could be alleviated before it even begins. As Eastern Rep for the Guild, I’d like to be a spokesperson and champion for the Guild, and would do so with a primary focus on the college and just post-college age bracket with a dual purpose of education about and enrollment in the Graphic Artists Guild. It might be possible to reach out to art school faculty with Graphic Artists Guild materials for dissemination in the classroom and to load the PEGs books that are already being distributed on campuses with limited-time promotional offers that could spur enrollment. These same materials can be handed out at job fairs and conferences at city art schools. Perhaps an annual networking event specifically for recent college graduates could be planned.

The Graphic Artists Guild Point of Engagement materials utilized at job fairs and conferences should also be strengthened. Signage should be developed that clearly communicates the benefits of Graphic Artists Guild membership. Talking points and scripts should align with these materials so that a prospective member can quickly understand the return on their investment in the Graphic Artists Guild.

It is my hope that we can increase awareness of the Graphic Artists Guild within the potential Graphic Artists Guild membership population and subsequently boost enrollment. Let’s decrease torch juggling and help young designers, freelancers, and small business owners be successful.


Southern Region Representative

Tammy Fluech

Tammy Fluech - Southern Region Rep

Typebird Creative


Hello, my name is Tammy Fluech and I am the founder of Typebird Creative. Typebird Creative is a design studio that focuses on branding, graphic design, and illustration. We focus on working clients who are passionate about their small businesses. From mom and pop shops to international clients, technology assists us in creating unique brands and design for anyone, anywhere. With over 17 years of experience in the design field and 10 years of running my own business, I always feel I bring a creative perspective to any project that is set in front of my clients and myself.

Statement of Interest:

I am very interested in learning more about the Graphic Artists Guild and what better way than to submerse yourself in the region. I would love to learn all I can about the three pillars the Guild provides: Advocacy, Creative Community, and Business Resources. I am looking forward to meeting others in this field because I think we probably have a lot in common. I think no matter how you managed to end up in this field, we all have a great story to tell with a unique twist. I hope I get to hear yours!