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What an Illustrator’s Rep Can and Can’t Do for You



Presented By: Vicki Morgan

Demystify what an artist’s representative does (and doesn’t do). Is hiring one the right move for you

The age-old conflict for artists who want to make a living is trying to balance the creative side with the business side. While promotion and marketing are crucial to success, they are very time-consuming activities that can take away from the creative process. Often artists also find themselves ill-equipped to handle the negotiations necessary to close a deal so that it’s in their best interest. For artists who don’t have the time or the inclination to handle the business side, hiring an artist’s representative (or agent) might be an ideal solution. Artist rep Vicki Morgan gives a detailed explanation of exactly what services an artist’s rep provides. She also shares her ingredients for a successful career and tips for positive negotiation.

Program Highlights:

– The Advantages of Having a Rep
– The Role of the Agency
– The Disadvantages of Having a Rep
– Finding a Rep
– Contacting an Agency
– Considering What’s a Good Match for You
– The Three Ts of a Successful Career
– Win-Win Negotiation

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