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The 2016 Design Pricing Game

Presented By: Rebecca Blake.

Originally aired in November 2016.

We’ll present specs for a range of design projects from working designers – the information you gather before bidding. Attendees “bid” on the project & submit their projected prices. We’ll then reveal the actual price the designer submitted & the reasons for the bid. Then we’ll discuss the final invoice.

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More About This Webinar or Presenter

About this Webinar:

Great! You landed a meeting with that prospective client you’ve been wooing, and they ask you to give a price on their project.

Now what? Ever feel as if you’re guesstimating when it comes to bidding on a project?

View the Design Pricing Game streaming webinar. We’ll be presenting the specs for a range of actual design projects from working designers – all the information you would gather before bidding on a job. Our webinar attendees “bid” on the project — submit the prices they would charge. We then reveal the actual estimated price the designer submitted, and go over how that designer came up with the bid. Finally, we discuss the actual invoiced fee, to show how the project progressed, and how that was reflected in the final price.

We discuss the projects of four professional Designers. After each project is presented we have a discussion and Q&A. There is an additional Q&A session at the end.

Featured Designers and Projects:

Book Jacket Design: Dawn Mitchell of G4G Interactive:
Brochure: Theresa Whitehill of Colored Horse Studio:
Logo: Jonni Bailey of Ruff Haus Design:
Website: Sue Jenkins, Lucky Chair Design:

About the Presenter:

Rebecca Blake has 20 years of experience as Design Director at Optimum Design & Consulting, a small design firm in New York City specializing in print, identity, and web projects for small- to medium-sized clients. She has been active with the Graphic Artists Guild for almost as long, and has produced the Pricing Game both as a live event and as a webinar. She is also active with ico-D, where she represents the Guild’s positions on spec work and fair business practices for graphic artists.

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