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Learn How to Protect Your Artistic Style from AI Mimicry!

Defend Your Unique Artistry from AI Copycats and Let Your Imagination Shine

Are you afraid your artistic style is being imitated by AI-art models like MidJourney or DALL-E?

Tired of seeing it happen to others?

Do you want to safeguard your creativity and maintain your individuality as an artist?

Join us for an exciting webinar on Glaze, the revolutionary anti-AI learning tool developed by Professor Ben Zhao of The University of Chicago.

Glaze is the ultimate solution designed to empower artists like you, ensuring that your artistic styles remain protected from being learned and replicated by emerging AI-art models. Developed in collaboration with the University of Chicago SAND Lab and renowned professional artist Karla Ortiz, Glaze has undergone rigorous evaluation through a user study involving over 1,100 professional artists.

During this engaging webinar, we will explore the power of Glaze and how it can help you preserve your unique artistic identity. Professor Ben Zhao, a distinguished Neubauer Professor of Computer Science, will provide insights into the development and capabilities of Glaze. Discover how this cutting-edge tool can be integrated seamlessly into your artistic workflow, providing you with peace of mind and enabling your creative spirit to soar!

Key highlights of the webinar:

  • Learn about the challenges posed by AI-art models and how Glaze overcomes them.
  • Explore the user study results and hear the experiences of professional artists.
  • Discover the practical applications of Glaze and how it can enhance your artistic journey.
  • Get inspired by the success stories of artists who have embraced Glaze and protected their unique styles.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the vibrant community of artists and gain insights from Professor Ben Zhao himself.

Unleash your creativity and ensure your artistic legacy with Glaze!

Register now and secure your spot for the webinar to learn how Glaze can empower you as an artist, defend your artistic style, and preserve the essence of your creative journey.

Let your imagination shine like never before!

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More About This Webinar or Presenter

About our presenter:

Ben Zhao

Ben Zhao is Neubauer Professor of Computer Science at University of Chicago. He completed his Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley (2004), and B.S. from Headshot of Ben ZhaoYale (1997). He is a Fellow of the ACM, and a recipient of the NSF CAREER award, MIT Technology Review’s TR-35 Award (Young Innovators Under 35), ComputerWorld Magazine’s Top 40 Technology Innovators award, IEEE ITC Early Career Award, and Google  and Amazon Faculty awards. His work has been covered by many media outlets including as New York Times, BBC, MIT Tech Review, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, and New Scientist.  He has published over 180 articles in areas of security and privacy, machine learning, networking, and HCI.

Social media links:

Twitter: @ravenben    @TheGlazeProject
Instagram: theglazeproject
relevant URLs:  (The Glaze Project)

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