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Presented by Joyce Miller.

Originally aired in 2008.

Others Using Your Work; You Using Others’ Work. The Rules of the Road

Every creative entering today’s marketplace needs a working knowledge of the copyright permissions process. Gaining an understanding of copyright clearance not only minimizes your risk of facing an infringement suit, but also empowers you to protect your own work from infringement. This teleclass will help you understand issues related to copyright in other’s use of your creative work and in your use of work created by others. In this information-packed teleconference.

Program Highlights:

  • Can someone legally use a certain amount of my work without my permission?
  • What if someone uses my work without my permission? What should I do?
  • What if someone uses another’s photo, illustration, or quotation without asking?
  • What’s the worst that can happen to them?
  • Can a photo of a famous work be used legally without permission?
  • May royalty-free and copyright-free items be used without paying a fee?
  • What information should I include in a permission request?

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