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Mistakes I’ve Made, Part 2

Guild Cast cover artwork

Presenters: Crisy Meschieri and Liz DiFiore

One of our most popular webinar series Ask-A-Pro, allows attendees to ask creative professionals questions based on specific topics in the Graphic Arts industry. In this continuation of our last GuildCast Resources episode, Designer/Illustrators and Guild members Crisy and Liz talk about mistakes they’ve made along the way, their approaches to social media and a long list of tips on how not to make the same mistakes they have.

Taxes and CPAs, keeping clients and networking through a pandemic and, the benefits of staying organized are a few touch-points in this episode from the #GuildWebinars archive, Ask-A-Pro (Part 2).

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GuildCast is a weekly podcast created + curated for graphic artists and creatives based on the 3 pillars of the Graphic Artists Guild: Advocacy, Community, Business Resources.